First and foremost, Diglett
Second, Hitmonchan is the best haymaker.
And my deck is called Digletts Rules!!!(I wonder why?)
4 diglett
3 dugtrio
2 hitmonchan
3 onix (to stall while I build up my dugtrios)
2 hitmonlee
<<Going mono-fighting is just not safe now adays =( we'll have to add some
colorless or another type.>>

23 fighting energy
4 bill
3 switch
3 Prof. oak
2 breeder
2 comp search
4 energy rem.
2 Super energy rem.
<<This is a very solid Trainer mix. Although there is no use for the
breeder, Pokemon Breeder allows you to jump from a Basic to a Stage 2, there
is no need for it here since you have no stage 2s.>>

I would suggest taking Dugtrio out, unless your metagame is FULL of Buzz. If
not or even IF there's probably alot of Scyther out there which can take
Dugtrio out in 2 turns(1 with a PlusPower). But I know you're in LOVE with
Diglett and Dugtrio so...I suppose you could try 'em out. But here's the
evo. I'd suggest-Clefairy-Clefable, Clefable can attack QUICK this counters
Hitmonlees long power up time and gives you a reason to keep Onix out of
there. But since you're so Diglett crazy, I'm going to do the tune-up
leaving the Diglett evo. in. Take out 1 Onix a Bill and the 2 Breeders to
add 4 Electabuzz-he attacks quick and VERY hard just what you need here.
Swap out the Switches for Scoop Ups, soley to get that Onix out of there
without taking up bench space. Scoop Up also acts like a Switch AND heals
your pokemon which should work about as good(if not better) then Switch.
Finally, take out an Oak to add a Pokemon Center it can come in very handy
when you bench is hurting from Dugtrio.

Flat Out-7
Tuned Up-8

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