the strategy is to get nidoking or muk out and start doing poison and
damage with pinsir and scyther

2 scyther
2 pinsir
2 koffing
1 weezing
4 nidoran
3 nidorino
2 nidoking
2 venonat
1 venomoth
4 grimer
3 muk
<<I like all the status effects in this deck, I think we may want to go with
either just Koffing-Weezing or just Venonat-Venomoth for our secondary

20 grass energy
2 double coloress
<<A little low, if it works well for ya we may want to keep it this way.
Alot of it depends on metagame though if you see alot of ERs/SERs you'll
need more.>>

1 pokemon trader
1 computer search
1 oak
1 gambler
2 bill
1 pokeball
2 gust of wind
<<You need more focus here, expanding on one of your finders would do you

You have 57 cards, we can add 3 more. How about more trainers....2 more GOW
and another Comp. Search would be my choice. I really think it would be a
good idea to only go with the Venomoth or Weezing lines. I personally would
go with Venomoth due to his great status changing potential, but if you want
a touch of bench destruction Weezing is your......gas ball. Either way you
should probably go 3-2 or 4-3 on whichever evo. you chose. I think either
expanding on Pokemon Traders or Comp. Searches would be a good idea maybe
with a couple PokeBalls mixed in. 2 Comp. Searches and 2 PokeBalls would be
my choice. Gambler is just that-a gamble, see how it works for you but you
may want to  swap it for another Oak. If you do go for Weezings you may want
to add either a Defender or Pokemon Center(or 2) to keep your benched
pokemon healthy.

Flat Out-6
Tuned Up-(modest tune-up)

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