Energy (20)

20 Water Energy
<<Should be great for a rain dance.>>

Pokémon (19)

4 Squirtle
1 Wartortle (I know it seems redundant but he's great for when someone
throws a Lass or Psyduck and stops the Breeders. He also makes for a
quick Trade with the Traders)
3 Blastoise
3 Magikarp
2 Gyrados
4 Articuno
2 Jigglypuff (Ha Ha Mr. Mime!)
<<You'll deffinatley want to swap out the Jigglys for Lapras' not only does
he fight Mr. Mime with great strength he's also a great water basic for the
early game.>>

Trainers (21)

3 Switch
3 G.O.W
3 PokéBreeders
3 PokéTraders
3 Prof. Oaks
3 Bill
3 Energy Retrievals
<<Looks pretty good, although since you have Breeders we probably should go
with Comp. Searches.>>

Alright, first off let's get Lapras in there rather then Jigglypuff. Like I
explained above he should fit the job nicely. ALL(besides Squirtle and
Magikarp) of your pokemon have a  2 to 3 retreat cost, you have 3 Switch but
I think some Item Finders will help ya get them and other needed trainers
back. Take out a water energy and an Articuno to add 2 Item Finders. After
that you're pretty much good to go-nice deck.

Flat Out-8
Tuned Up-10

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