This is a deck that I have recently made and is one that I feel is fairly
sturdy and well built. It is pretty much based
on the combo involving Raticate's Super Fang and Jynx's Meditate. It seems
to work well however I think that it could do with a bit of a tune-up. So
behold, my PsyKick Power!
4x Jynx
3x Rattata
3x Raticate
2x Chansey
4x Hitmonchan
<<I like your strategy it's very innovative. There are better pokemon at
doing some quick damage though-you already have one of 'em which is

3x Energy Removal
2x Super Energy Removal
3x Switch
3x Gust of Wind
2x Item Finder
2x Comp. Search
2x Bill
2x Prof. Oak
<<Pretty cool Trainers, but some PlusPowers can make all the difference.>>

13x Psychic
8x Fighting
4x Double Colourless
<<As long as you aren't planning to use Speacial Punch alot you have enough
Fighting energy.>>

As I mentioned this deck is based on Raticate and Jynx. Hitmonchan is there
to deal with psychic resistant Pokemon as they are
usually weak to fighting and pretty much screw my strategy. Chansey is in
there for stalling purposes as well as offering a protection to other
Psychic decks. Most of my trainers are self-explanatory except for,
possibly, switch. However this is utilised in my combo when I have to
retreat Jynx, having a 2 retreat cost.

Raticate is coool and I hate to take him out but I really think Hitmonlee
will do a better job. He can do some heavy damage and attack the bench,
which is just what you need. Take out the Raticate line to add 4 'Lee(my
middle name ;)s and 2 PlusPowers. Chansey's doing fine in there, but take
out 2 of the Dbl. Colorless to add 2 Fighting. Take out 1 GOW and 1 ER to
add 2 more PlusPowers. Make sure you stall with Chansey(if at all possible)
while powering Hitmonlee for his Stretch Kick, he's not good if you have to
power him up in the active spot.

Strategy-10(Great job!)
Flat Out-7
Tuned Up-9

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