Ponyta x4 (first turn double colorless, wow)
Rapidash x3 ( agility attack, free retreat)
Spearow x4
Fearow x3 (Agility attack, free retreat, resistant to fighting)
Fossil Magmar x4 (excellent card)
<<This looks pretty nice, I like it. But maybe another strong basic will

Bill x4
professor oak x2
energy removal x4
super energy removal x2
gust of wind x 3
potion x3
super potion x2
energy retrieval x1
<<I think leaning more toward energy denial then healing will do this deck
good. Item Finders and SERs on the way!>>

17 fire energy
4 double colorless energy
<<This is a little low, 2 or 3 more will help ya out.>>

Strategy- I like to start with magmar beatdown while getting rapidash
and fearow ready to dominate. They both have attacks that give you a 50%
chance of not getting hit back(Agility). Fearow's drill peck can finish
pokemon with a 40 point attack. The deck slows your opponent down with
energy removal. I am considering removing all potions and inserting
maybe 2 recycles for better energy removal and pokemon trader for
getting those evolutions faster.

First off you need a pokemon to hold the fort while you get your pokemon
going on the bench. Fossil Magmar is pretty good for this, but adding 2
Chansey will give you more time. Take out 2 Bill to add 2 Chanseys. On to
your Trainers, let's take out the Potions and S. Potions to add 2 more SER
and 3 more Fire Energy. Finally take out a Fossil Magmar and a GOW to add 2
Item Finders to get back those ERs and SERs.

Flat Out-7
Tuned Up-8

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