Phychic Fury
26 Psychic Energy
1 DC Energy
4 Mewtwo (all 4 movie promo of course)
1 Kangaskhan
3 Jynx
3 Mr. Mime
4 Gastly (4 Fossil)
3 Haunter (3 Fossil)
2 Gengar
<<I like Gengar his Curse is like a built in Plus Power. MewTwo is yer heavy
hitter, the only thing I see that you could improve on is the Kangaskhans.>>

3 Gust of Wind
3 Gambler
2 Mr. Fuji
1 Prof. Oak
2 Pokemon Trader
1 Computer Search
1 Super Energy Removal
<<You need work here, what may be hurting you is that you need more card

You have a solid mix of Pokemon, but I think another Kangaskhan would be
nice, how about adding another instead of 1 of the Mimes. Remove the
Gamblers for 2 Bill and another Oak. Also, remove the SER for another Comp.
Search. This should keep you going quite well. If you still seem to be
losing alot try taking out the Fujis for Energy Retrievals.

Flat Out-8
Tuned Up-9

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