Startegy:This deck is a all around deck it can beat damage swap,energy
trans,rain dance decks(thanks to muk).Decks with lots of hitmochans(
Scyther&Farfetch'd ).It can beat all around fire decks(thanks to staryu).

Pokemon <17>
2x Grimer(evolution)
1x Muk(pokemon power)
4x Staryu(against fire)
2x Magikarp(evloution)
1x Gyrados(against fire)
2x Scyther(against hitomochan<no retreat>)
4x Farfetch'd(same as scyther)
1x ditto(all around)
<<A pretty good mix, but we'll need to drop some of these cards. Unless fire
is VERY popular at your local tourneys you don't need the water pokemon.>>

14x Grass
12x Water<extra for ditto>
1x D.C.E(only have 1 THAT SUCKS)
<<Well, you'll just have find more ;)>>

4x Bill
2x Professer Oak
2x Pokemon Trader
2x Pokemon Center
2x Plus Power
1x Mr.Fuji
2x E.R
2X Pokeball
1x Comp.Search
<<You have alot of unexpected trainers in here(that's a good thing) you
don't need that many finders though.>>

Ok, your deck has some good pokemon, but absoulutley no consistency. That's
what you need to get this deck going. How about we remove all of your water
pokemon which gives us 7 open slots. Add 2 more grimer and 2 more Muk, you
now have 3 cards left, use them to add 2 more Scyther. I don't know about
the Farfetch'd, if there's alot of Electabuzz' in your tourneys you should
swap em out for just that-Electabuzz. Use the last card of the 7 to add a
Kengaskhan. I find that Ditto is just to risky to play with if your deck is
based on Muks, take the ditto out for another Kengaskhan. Just a couple
changes are needed on your trainer mix, swap out the Mr. Fuji for another
Plus power and the 2 Pokeballs for 2 Comp Searches.

Flat Out-5
Tuned Up-9

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