I have been playing pokemon for a while now and over time I have developed a
deck to the best of my resources, since Jungle and Fossil haven't arrived
here in New Zealand. I was wondering if you could give my deck one of your
highly rated 'tune-ups.' Thanks.

I call it Double Dragon:



2-Dragonair (I can add another of each)



<<We could transform this deck into a great haymaker, the Gyrados line would
have to go though.>>


2-Energy Retrieval
2-Energy Removal
2-Super Energy Removal
2-Computer Search
2-Professor Oak
3-Plus Power
2-Gust of Wind
<<A pretty good mix of trainers, I would almost leace it alone.>>

Energy (Need a lot of your expertise aid here)

3-Double Colorless Energy
11-Water Energy
5-Electric Energy
6-Fighting Energy
<<Well, we won't be needing that Water energy now.>>

Firstly, you might be wondering about the Different types of pokemon, but
they are just there to give me good basics that can deal out some fast
damage, also known as haymaker pokemon. I am not sure if I should keep
Kangaskhan in there, but I use him as an equivalent of bill and I rarely
comet punch, so basically his role is as a staller. I could add in an extra
Dragonair and Dratini but that would probably be to the loss of Kangaskhan.
Do I have too many pokemon? I think my trainers aren't bad but if you have
any suggestions please say. And finally, well, yes, hhmmm.... I think we'll
just leave that one to you.

My deck doesn't really have a strategy but I try to use my good basics so I
can pump up my two familys, I also SER and ER along the way to help me bye
more time. Well, now that I think about it, this deck is designed to combat
any colour except grass, oooh I hate that stuff. Gyarados deals with fire
(Weakness) and Fighting (Resistance), Dragonair deals with Psychic,
Electabuzz deals with most water, and finally the ever popular Hitmonchan
deals with electric and quite a few colourless pokemon.

I see this deck as a very powerful haymaker, with some stalling ability. How
about we remove the Gyrados line, without Rain Dance he can be extremly hard
to use. You have 5 slots now, since Jungle and Fossil haven't been realeased
yet, Farfetch'd is still a very powerful haymaker pokemon(how I miss those
days). Let's stick 4 of em in your deck. You still have 3 open slots, let's
use em all to add 3 Switch. Most of your pokemon have a 2 retreat cost or
more, Switch will give you some more versitality. Enjoy the simplicity while
it lasts bud! ;)

Flat Out-8
Tuned Up-10

    -Jared Schroeder >) Questions and Comments go to:

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