4 dratini
2 dragonair
3 dragonites

2 kankaskhans

2 scyther

4 oddish
2 gloom
3 vileplume
<<You may want to add another breeder, that will even up the ratios.>>


3 switches
2 energy retrievals
3 Mr. fuji's
3 breeders
3 traders
1 oak
2 bills
<<Pretty nice, but with breeders you want Comp. Searches not traders. We may
want to add another Oak.>>


19 grass
4 double colorless
<<Too LOW, we need to get it up to about 25>>

The strategy is to get vileplume or dragonite, out decently early in the
game. Afterwards, you continue to pound the opponets pokemon quicker than
can take yours. The fuji's save the kills, and usually i have another
waiting on the bence to take the place of whoever was retired.

I like your strategy it's new to most people. Some pinsirs would help you
stall when you need time, and they can do some heavy damage with Guillotene.
Swap out Kangaskhans for 2 of 'em. Take out 1 trader for another breeder,
swap out 1 Switch(Step-in is almost a built in switch but we'll keep 2 for
back-ups) and your energy Retrievals for 3 more grass energy. Throw out the
remaining traders for Comp. Searches.

Flat Out-7
Tuned Up-9