>ditto x3
>hitmonchan x2
>scyther x3
>electabuzz x4
>kangaskhan x1
<<One thing I see right away is the one Kanagaskhan, no need for him.>>

Energies 22

electric x10
fighting x8
double colorless x4
<<22 doesn't cut it =( we'll have to get more.>>

Trainers 24

S.E.R x4
E.R x3
Scoop Up x4
Gust of Wind x2
Gambler x2
Bill x4
Pluspower x4
Oak x2
<<With all your card drawing trainers you could easily deck yourself, we'll
probably remove some of those for energy. All the others are great though!>>

Alright, first off when using Ditto you want to have a substantial advantage
over your opponent. You already have colorless energy for everything but
that isn't always enough. Things such as free retreat and pluspowers give
YOU the edge. So let's remove the 2 Gambler for 2 Switch, use it when Ditto
gets in trouble. Take out 2 of the Bills and 1 Scoop Up to add 3 energy, 1
to each of fighting and electric. Finally take out the Kangaskhan to add
another Hitmonchan.

Flat Out-7
Tuned Up-9

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