My deck is a plant and fighting and the main goal is to hit them hard
and hit them fast. My deck has barley any evolution cards and lots of
really good basics. Like hitmonlee who hits for 50 and only costs three
energy. When I start I normally use hitmonchan and use Jab to start
knocking down easy to kill basic pokemon at the beginning. After that I
use gusts of wind and bring up pokemon with no energy or pokemon with
weaknesses to fighting. I mostly use Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Pinsir
and hit opponents for 40 to 50 damage each turn. The only pokemon power
in my deck is muck with "toxic gas". I center my deck around muck. When
I play I have muck at my bench to prevent damage swap, rain dance, etc.

Here is my deck:

1 Pinsir
2 grimer
1 muk
2 nidoran (male)
2 nidorino
2 scyther
2 hitmonchan
2 hitmonlee
2 geodude
1 gravler
1 golem
<<If you want to hit hard in fast you have to expand upon the pokemon that
CAN hit hard and fast. Muk sounds like a good base, but we'll need more of
them to make it a sturdy one.>>

2 bill
2 Pro oak
1 plus power
2 gust of wind
1 scoop up
1 super energy removal
1 pokemon trader
2 energy retrieval
<<Some ok trainers in here, some you need some you don't.>>

13 grass energy
13 fighting energy
2 double colorless energy
<<We may want to move this down to about 26 or 27.>>

I see a grass haymaker with a Muk base for this deck. First of all, we'll
need more of your strong basics. Take out the entire Golem and Nidorino
lines to give you 8 open slots. Add 3 more Pinsir 2 more Scyther, and 1 more
of each Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. Take out 2 Fighting energy, and 2 Energy
Retrievals to add 2 more Grimer and 2 more Muk. Now on to your Trainer mix,
take out the pokemon trader, and a Plus Power to add 2 Comp. Searches, use
these primarily to get Muk out there. Finally take out the SER for another
Plus Power.

Flat Out-4
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