1 Machamp
3 Machoke
4 Machop
1 Rhydon
3 Ryhorn
1 Hitmonlee
3 Golem
3 Graveler
4 Geodude
<<Well I think you'll need 4-3-2 on the Machamp line and 3-2 for Rhydon.
Also some more Hitmonlees would be nice, a good idea would be to go for
bench destruction.>>

2 Energy Search
1 Pokedex
1 Bill
2 Switch
3 Potion
<<I would say you need more trainers. The Potion isn't really needed and
there are some cards that you need EXTREMLY.>>

28 Fighting Energy

I like the addition of Energy Search, I think one evo. line could go for
more trainers. Take out the Rhydon line to add two more Hitmonlees. Use the
2 still open slots to add 2 Oaks, that'll speed up this deck. Take out 1
Potion to add another Machamp and swap out the remaining potions for Comp.
Searches. Take out 2 Golem to add another Switch and finally make the
Pokedex a Bill to give you more card advantage.

Flat Out-5
Tuned Up-7

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