Pokemon 24:
3 Gastley(fossil)]
3 Haunter(fossil)
3 Abra
1 Kadabra
2 Alakazam
4 Mr.Mime
4 Chansey
2 Lickitung
2 Scyther
<<You have a fairly strong staller, but with a strong trainer base you'd
probably be better off without the Lickitung and Scyther.>>

Trainers 36:
4 energy removal
4 poke centers
4 scoop up
3 Defender
3 item finder
3 computer search
4 Mr. Fuji
3 pokemon breeder
4 switch
3 potion
3 gambler
2 poke trader
<<Mr. Fuji won't be much use, there is one card you forgot in this deck that
are essential to Stalls, Imposter Oak.>>

Your first priority is to get out Alakazam for damage swap. A0fter you get
him out get chansey or lickitung put them on your bench.You need at least 4
stallers on your bench plus alakazam .Send someone like scyther,mr.mime,or
haunter for an active pokemon.Stall your apponent with pokemon powers
and trainers.Save gamblers until your decks has 3 or 7 cards in your deck
have a hand 4in.thick and then use gambler and your decks back to full and

Both  your Poke Mix and Trainer Base needs work, first let's remove the 2
Scyther to get 4 Alakazams, take out Kadabra for another Breeder. Haunter's
power can keep him up there for a LONG time, so let's remove 2 Licki's to
add another Gastly and Haunter(both fossil of course). Take out 3 Defender
and 1 Switch to add 4 Imposter Oak's. Next take out 4 Switch to add another
Comp. Search 2 Traders and a Maintenance. Yes you heard me right,
Maintenance. This card is very useful in stallers as it gives YOU more turns
then the opponent which can win you the game, and it also perfects your hand
in the process, not bad. Take out the 3 Gambler to add 3 more. For your
final adjustment, take out 1 of the Mr. Fujis to add another Item Finder,
you'll need 'em.

Flat Out-8
Tuned Up-10

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