14 fire energies

2 Ponyta
1 Rapidash
2 Magmar (fossil)
2 Vulpix

14 water energies
4 Horsea
2 Seadra
2 Krabby
1 Kingler
1 Lapras
<<I deffinatley see no use for Vulpix, we could make this a basic beatdown,
plus some of the elements you wanted to add.>>

Trainers (14)

1 gambler
1 Super Potion
1 switch
1 Full heal
1 Energy Removal
2 Gust of wind
2 bill
3 Potion
2 energy search
<<The upper half of your trainers all must go, some more Potion may help

The strategy of this deck is to immobilize the defending pokemon with
Magmar, Seadra, Horsea, and Rapidash with their Agilities and Smokescreens.
Then, use Vulpix and Lapras to confuse them. Then finish them off with
Kingler and Seadra. Since these pokemon do not have a lot of Hit Points, the
Potions and Super potion come in handy. The switch is useful if someone
pulls out a Gust of wind on Kingler or Lapras.

Alright, this deck needs alot of work(you've brought it to the right place
=). Let's concentrate on the Rapidash and Seadra evos. oh, plus the Kingler
evo. to KO the leftovers. First take out the 2 Vulpix and the Full Heal to
add 2 more Ponyta and 2 more Rapidash making their ratio 4-3. On to Seadra,
just remove on ER to make room for another Seadra making their ratio also
4-3. Then take out the switch and gambler to add another Krabby and Kingler.
We need a couple more strong basics, so let's take out the 2 energy search
for 2 Lapras. Finally prefect your healing ability by swapping out your S.
Potion for another normal Potion.

Flat Out-3
Tuned Up-6

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