the way i play it is
if i get and oak in the opening draw i use it so mv.mewto can attack
quicker.Chan is in there because of electabuzz.Chansey is in there for psy
decks.Scyther for chans.Any way that is the basic idea of it.Basiccally i
want to remove all their energy and kill em.I love this deck but it needs
tuning.Now here's the deck:

4 movie mewto
4 hitmonchan
2 chansey
<<What I think you need is a quick hard hitting attack, say Elecatbuzz?>>

4 energy removal
3 super e.r.
4 plus pwr.
2 scoop up
1 mr.fuji
1 pokecenter
2 comp search
1 item finder
2 g.o.w.
2 prof.oak
<<We should boost SER to 4 and 1 or 2 Item Finders will help you even more
with removing the opponent's means of attack ;)>>

4 d.c.e.
11 fighting
10 psy

Once again, I don't see a use for Chansey there's better cards to do the job
for haymakers. Swap both of them along with your Mr. Fuji and Poke Center
out for 4 Electabuzz. I love GOW but it may do you better to take out 1 for
another SER and 1 for another Item Finder, try it out!

Flat Out-6
Tuned Up-10

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