3 scythers
3 chansey
3 hitmonchan
3 electabuzz
3 gastly(fossil)
2 haunter(fossil)
<<Hmm, I don't see the need for Haunter, he IS an amazing staller but you
rarely need to stall with a haymaker.>>

3 scoop up
2 comp. search
2 gust of wind
2 pokemon center
4 energy search
2 prof. oak
1 energy retrieval
<<Some of these trainers fit well, others could be swapped.>>

4 double colorless energy
8 fighting energy
8 psychic energy
7 electric energy
<<We could take out 1 or 2 energy.>>

First off, I don't think we need the Haunter line or the Chanseys in this
deck. Chansey can be fairly good, and I see you've teamed em up with Poke
Center, but a 4 energy discard is too much of a sacrifice. Swap em all for 3
Fossil Magmar. Finally take out the Haunter Line for 4 Mr. Mime. Use the
extra open slot from the Haunter evo to add a Bill. Swap out Energy
Retrieval for another Bill. Finally swap out the 2 poke centers for 2 more

Flat Out-7
Tuned Up-9

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