Name: Nightmare Curse

Energy: 22 Psychic Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
Pokemon: 4 Fossil Gastly
2 Fossil Haunter
4 Gengar
3 Abra
2 Kadabra
3 Ditto
3 Chansey
<<Hmmm, I don't see the use for Chansey the promo MewTwo is a great Psy
attacker we may want to add some of them.>>

Trainers: 3 Professor Oak
2 Bill
2 Pokemon Breeder
1 Potion
1 Super Potion
1 Computer Search
2 Pokemon Trader
1 Scoop Up
<<Your trainer base is kind of messy, some of these trainers will do you
almost no good.>>

This deck's main focus is to get at least a couple Gengar out and get
them out fast! They won't be used as attackers untill absolutely necessary
because of their Curse power. 2 Gengar could manipulate damage on the
opponent's bench or take damage from their active Pokemon and put it on the
bench. This would be especially useful against weaker pokemon as you could
attack them and move damage away, attack them and move damage away and so
on. The best active attacker to use while doing this is a Kadabra, Ditto,
Gastly, Haunter, or even a Gengar. Once the damage is manipulated to your
liking, retreat your Pokemon and put out Gengar. Its Dark Mind Attack will
do 30 to their active and hurt the bench even more!

A problem I see with your strategy is that you're using stallers like Gastly
and Haunter rather then heavy hitters with this deck. What you want to do
with a curse deck is get as much damage onto the opponent as soon as you
can. So that means all at once, Ditto CAN do alot of damage but we want to
be sure we get some heavy damage going. Swap out  Chanseys(he does do 80
damage, but he won't be up long after he take 80 himself)and a Ditto for 4
Promo Mews. Jynx works amazingly well with this type of deck, swap out the
last 2 Dittos and your potion and super potion to add 4 Jynx. Instead of 2
Traders and 1 Comp. Search make em all Comp. Searches so you can search for
a breeder. Finally take out an Oak to add another Scoop Up.

Flat Out-6
Tuned Up-9

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