11 fire
9 fighting
4 double colorless
4 magmars(fossil)
3 hitmonchans
1 ditto
1 kangaskan
1 farfetche'd
1 Scyther
<<Many of these cards should be thrown out, I agree with you on Ditto he CAN
be lethal with the right cards, let's expand on Ditto and Scyther for now.>>
3 plus powers
1 item finder
1 lass
3 professor oak
2 switch
2 gusts of wind
4 energy removals
3 super energy removals
1 potion
3 scoop ups
1 computer search
1 energy retrievel
<<What's up with the Lass, and all these other thrown in trainers? We can
take more then half of these out for more pokemon.>>

my deck is just to kill guys quickly with magmars smog and with my
hitmonchans jab.
kangaskan is just there for fetch and stalling. and ditto can be deadly.

I'm thinking of basing this deck around Ditto, so we'll need a staller or 2
and some better trainers. First let's remove the Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan and
Lass for 3 more Scyther. Next, swap out the one potion an Item Finder, and
the Energy Retrieval for 3 more Ditto. Take out Comp. Search and one ER for
2 Lickitung, use him mainly for Toungue Wrap to stall. Take out an Oak and
one PlusPower to add 2 more GOW, use this to bring up your prefrence for
Ditto's Transformation. Use your Switch to Switch out Pokemon for Ditto.

Pokemon/Trainer-0(sorry bud =( )
Flat Out-4
Tuned Up-8
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