>Gengar's Gang
>Pokemon (21)
>4x Gastly (Fossil)
>2x Haunter (Fossil)
>1x Haunter (Base)
>2x Gengar
>3x Magnemite
>2x Magneton (Fossil)
>3x Pikachu (Jungle)
>2x Raichu (Fossil)
>2x Zapdose (Fossil)
>Trainers (15)
>1x Energy Retrieval
>1x Energy Search
>2x Bill
>1x Professor Oak
>3x SER
>3x ER
>1x CPU
>3x GOW
>Energy (24)
>9x Psychic energy
>15x Lightning energy
> This deck is a bench killer. All of these Pokemon can hurt my opponents
>benched Pokemon. (Except for Gastly and Hunter) Gengar's poke power: curse
>helps lots. Gust of Wind is to get the hurt pokemon out to take more
>damage. Energy Retrieval and Energy Search are in place of 4 energy.
>Magneton takes out any big HP Pokemon.

Okay, this deck needs a little help. You never want singles, so, drop the
two fossil zapdos, 'cause this deck doesn't need em, and add 2 more psychic
energy. You also have way too many pokemon, drop the base haunter and the 2
gengar and add another oak, another bill, and another CPU. Now, drop the
energy search for another energy retrieval. You also have too much lighting
energy, drop two for another fossil haunter and another gust. That should
take care of everything...

Griffin Branham
Until next time...

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