>                            Smog Punches
>  1 Chansey
>  3 Scyther
>  3 Magmar(fossil)
>  3 Hitmonchan
>  1 Computer Search
>  1 Lass
>  2 Bill
>  2 Energy Retrieval
>  2 Professor Oak
>  2 Item Finder
>  3 Scoop up
>  3 Gust of Wind
>  3 Super Energy Removal
>  4 Plus Power
>  4 Energy Removal
>  4 Double Colorless Energy
>  9 Fighting Energy
>  10 Fire Energy
>Strategy: My strategy is to get quick and un-expected kills by using
>Hitmonchans, magmars and plus powers. If I fight other haymakers I will
>usually use Chansey to kill all of those 70hp guys, 90hp guys (with a Plus
>Power) or if needed to stall for a While. In case you wonder why I have
>Lass in my deck, I use it if my opponent has lot's of cards in their hands
>or if I have trainers in my hand and I think I am going to run out of
>Trevor N.
This deck still may have sme problems beating haymaker, mainly because
haymaker uses alot of chans, and chansey is too slow powering up and is weak
to chan. It would work for other pokemon though. Also, if oyu need the
chanseys that bad, add 3 more, take out the lass and the 4 energy removals,
add 3 more chanseys, another SER, and another fighting energy. Now, drop th
comp search for another coop up. I used to play a deck almost EXACTLY like
this, it works great. Have fun playing!

Griffin Branham
Until next time...

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