>Hello Griffen, I wrote you a while back and still didn't get a reply.  I
>know your busy but could you please take a look at this? It is a new
>control deck that I saw.  The main combo in it is to get out an active
>Magmar, and a benched Gengar. (I don't see why?) Could you PLEASE take a
>look at it and tell me your views.  It would be greatly appretiated.
>Please respond A.S.A.P., for I have a tourney coming up really soon.
>THANKS! (p.s. Most people play haymakers)
>  Doktor Psyfire:
>    2 Chansey
>    4 Gastly (FOSSIL)
>    2 Gengar (FOSSIL)
>    3 Haunter(FOSSIL)
>    4 Magmar (FOSSIL)
>    4 Mr. Mime
>    3 Energy Search
>    3 Gambler
>    3 Gust of Wind
>    3 Pokemon Trader
>    3 Scoop Up
>    4 Super Energy Removal
>    8 Fire Energy
>  14 Psychic Energy

Hey! This is a pretty cool deck! Looks great too! There are a few
suggestions I could give it though. Drop a gambler for another chansey. Drop
a scoop up for another fire energy. I never liked energy search much, and
out of all the times I used it, it never really worked well, take out all
three and add another gust, another haunter, and another fire energy. That
should do it for ya.

Griffin Branham
Until next time...

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