>        The name of my deck may be a little korney but I didn't have any
>good ideas at the moment. The reason I'm writing, typing, or whatever you
>want to call it is that I need help with against Psychic. Being attack and
>all you can understand so I threw in some colorless. But it ain't cuttin
>it. So I was wondering if you could help (and even post it). This is it:
>3 Hitmonlee
>3 Hitmonchan
>4 Areodactyl
>1 Kangaskhan
>1 Chansey
>1 Snorlax
>4 Mysterious Fossil
>2 Bill
>3 Energy Removal
>2 Poke Balls
>2 Energy Search
>3 Switch
>1 Super Potion
>1 Professor Oak
>3 Gust of Wind
>1 Computer Search
>4 Potion
>20 Fighting
>1 Colorless

Hey man, nice deck you got there, but it needs a few changes. First, you
want to stay away from singles. Drop the four potions for 3 more DCEs and
another kangaskhan. Drop the snorlax for another chansey. Drop the super
potion for yet another chansey, and take out the two pokeballs for another
Comp Search and another Oak. And lastly, drop the 3 ERs for 3 SERs.

Griffin Branham
Until next time...


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