>From: ImColAsIce@aol.com
>To: me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com
>Subject: Psychic Surprise Deck
>Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 00:27:37 EST
>The strategy of this deck is to get out Alakazam and Gengar ASAP and take
>advantage of their awesome pokemon powers.  I've only had a chance to test
>this deck a couple times and it worked pretty good, but I think it can be
>made better.  Please let me know what changes you think I should make to
>4 x Abra
>3 x Kadabra
>2 x Alakazam
>4 x Gastly (fossil)
>3 x Haunter (fossil)
>2 x Gengar
>1 x Chansey (use for damage swap+scoop up to get rid of damage)
>1 x Lickitung (same as above but also used for attacking if you're up
>a psychic resistance)
>1 x Mr. Mime (Mime's in here because I needed another basic and he works
>against rain dance decks)
>4 x Energy Removal
>4 x Gust of Wind (works good with Gengar's pokemon power and attack)
>3 x Bill
>3 x Scoop Up
>3 x Computer Search
>2 x Professor Oak
>20x Psychic Energy
>I think the problem may be that I need more energies, let me know what you


Why not throw in a couple of breeders? I think they would, of course, make
the deck alot faster. Only problem is that the stage one pokemon are all
good. I think it should have some of each. So I'd suggest taking out one of
each stage one, and two energy removals, to fit them in.

There's only one pokemon in deck that is a little questionable, and you
guessed it, it's lickitung. The attacks are decent and the hp is nice, but
the retreat cost is just @$$. If you happen to have another chansey around,
throw him in. All the other pokemon are fine (though i'd like to see another

Well this isn't a stall deck so i'm not too worried about the professor oaks
or bills decking you. The computer searches fit nicely (As they always do).
The gust can go down to three (no deck should need four. Energy removal can
stay at 2. The only card that seems a little odd is scoop up. There just
aren't enough basics to suffice the use of them. Pokemon center on the other
hand works with every pokemon, but requires that you have alakazam out to
use it fully. With the breeders that i put in at the beggining there should
be no problem getting him out.

There really should be a couple of couble colorless to support the
chansey/lickitung. As for the total count of it; yes it seems waaay to low
for this type of deck. So we'll have to find some room, somewhere, for

And thats where energy removal comes back to us. There's only two of them,
and they aren't that usefull without some other removal or fast attack to
support them. So out go all of them this time, and in comes two energy
Those should solve that problem... hopefully.

Hope that helps,

Justusdux "Dux"
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