>From: Chris Doyle <cdoyle@sevenhills.edisonproject.com>
>Reply-To: cdoyle@sevenhills.edisonproject.com
>To: me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com
>Subject: Pokemon Deck-4th in MA State Tourn.
>Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 11:51:42 -0500
>Here is the deck that I put together and used in the MA state
>tournament. It's a pretty good deck if you can get
>the Gengars out all at once.  Use the Plus Powers to do damage to one
>Defending Pokemon, and the Recycles
>are in there to get back your plus powers. Next turn use Gengar's power
>to kill a benched one.
>Here it is:
>4x- Gastly (Fossil)
>4x- Haunter (2x Fossil, 2x Basic)
>4x- Gengar
>4x- Recycle
>4x- Energy Retrieval
>4x- Energy Removal
>4x- Super Energy Removal
>2x- Pokemon Breeder
>4x- Gust of Wind
>4x- Switch
>22x- Psychic Energy
>I would appreciate it if you could send any recommendations for my deck.


I was obligated to respond to this deck as you are the first person that has
sent me an email that is from my home state. Nice job on getting 4th also.

As for the deck, where are the plus powers? There isn't even enough room for
them as you listed it!
It looks like you have to mulligan a few dozen times per game with only 4
(!!!) basics. i hear thats bad. I also imagine that it is incredibly easy to
run out of pokemon, once a promo mewtwo comes out that seems like it would
be the end. Now i don't know what decks you beat, but this deck seems a
little to fragile to beat most any well constructed deck. It has absolutely
no card drawing, nothing to keep your pokemon alive at all, has a nearly
worthless card in switch (highest retreat cost is 1!!!!!), and yet somehow
it got 4th place at a state tournament. I've only got one thing to say about
that... how the heck did you do it???

As for recomendations: i'd add in some mimes, 3-4 promo mewtwo, 4 bills, 2
oaks, add some scoop ups, and a couple CPU searches.
Take out all those recycles and put item finders in their place, dump some
of the energy removal, a gust of wind, all of the energy retrievals and dump
the breeders and switches.

Of course if your deck works better without any of these then just keep it
the way it is. Just remember to put your plus powers back in wherever they

This isn't meant to look like a bashing of any sort but the deck just looks
so crappy. In the end though good job of getting this "crappy", and
"fragile", deck to finish fourth place. Maybe thats a testament to your
playing skill.

Justusdux "Dux"

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