>From: "Bram de Jager" <bdj3000@hotmail.com>
>To: me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com
>Subject: Psychic Meditation
>Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 22:22:20 CET
>hi Dux. Im not in any problem or something, but i would  like to know your
>opinion on my deck.
>Pokemon 12
>1 Lickitung
>1 Clefairy
>1 Tauros
>1 Farfetched
>3 Jynx
>1 mr Mime
>1 Mewtwo
>2 Slowpoke
>1 Slowbro
>Trainer 20
>4 Bill
>4 Potion
>4 Switch
>3 G.O.W.
>2 Energy Removal
>1 PokeBall
>1 Professor Oak
>1 Computer Search
>Energy (27)
>25 Psy/Puple/Mind/whatever Energy
>2 Double Collourless
>I play a Psydeck because many Pokemon don't have a Psy Resistance. My main
>strategie is to get my Jynx' build up, to do the meditate (i luv that one).
>Farfetch'd and Tauros are the Pokemon to cause some serious damage to Opp.
>Pokemon. Then put in Jynx...
>Mr. Mime is there to stall. In combination with Slowbro, who can take his
>damage. That damage can be removed with Potion. Lickitung may have a weak
>attack, but he saved me many times. With his Paralyze against for example
>Blastoise. Underwhile you can buld op Jynx/Mewtwo for the finishing punch.
>Clefairy is there to use metronome. But i like to get rid of him (maybe
>Another Farfetch'd?).
>The trainer cards are very easy. Switch and G.O.W. for making another
>K.O. and ofcourse the drawing cards Bill/ Oak/ PokeBall/ Comp Search.
>Because of the high retreat costs, i have 4 switch.
>I hope u like my stategie, but  hints are welcome. Dont say to but 3 Scyter
>in because i dont have them (also no $ for them).
>ps: nice email adres :)


I could see the deck having problems; especially in getting the right
pokemon. There are just too few multiples of the pokemon to have much
drawing consistency. There are also a few pokemon that i would like to see
gone before end this also.

I wouldn't suggest using any farfetch'd as all, as your only weakness in
your deck would be psychic. Putting in a couple more tauros or lickitung
should solve that problem. Of course when you cover up that weakness you
reveal a weakness to fighting pokemon. I really wouldn't worry about this,
as hitmonchan and fighting pokemon in general are being used less and less
with the increase in the amount of scythers in nearly every deck. So for now
just cover your psychic weakness.
Another suggestion... take out the slowpoke line. I know they have their
uses, and even I like them, but they just aren't what this deck needs.
There are alot of other changes but i'll get to them after my final listing.

A usual i have to remove the potions. Put in another oak, one gambler, and
two more energy. I will also add some other cards in but i'll get to that
after the final lsiting.

Simply too much, i'll take out a bunch and put in more trainers more than

As for my final suggestion here you go.

4 Jynx
2 Mr.Mime (trade clefairy for the second mime, try to get some other cards

4 Magmar (One of the best cards for your buck. Don't worry about energy
problems though, i'll solve that with energy searches)

4 Jigglypuff (wasn't sure to choose these or tauros so i went with the card
i'm more familiar with)

Trainers (24)
4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
1 Gambler (too situational to use another)
4 energy removal
3 gust of wind
2 Switch (retreat costs are considerably less in this version)
4 Plus Power (works great with the six meditate's in the deck)
4 Energy Search (these replace a few energy, also help to get the right
energy needed)

10 Psychic energy
8 Fure energy
4 Double colorless (you can usually find these fairly cheaply, or get these
in the clefairy trade)


As for the pokemon i removed but didn't list:

Mewtwo: One just wont cut it. Also he's not very good in most decks.
Clefairy: Usefull... as trade bait that is.
Tauros: Was a toss up between him and jiggly.
Farfetch'd: already discussed
Slowpoke line: same as farfetch'd

Pokeball was the only trainer i took out that wasn't needed. Pokeball didn't
have much reason to be in the deck so he was removed.

If you have any problem getting the right energy you need just email me
again and we'll try to work it out.

Hope that helps.

Justusdux "Dux"

p.s. As for what i thought about the deck. I thought it needed some work.

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