>From: Snoopy4849@aol.com
>To: me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com
>Subject: Good or Not?
>Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 14:38:01 EST
>hey is this a good deck or not?
>      pokemon-18
>2  abra
>2  kadabra
>2  farfetch'd
>1  gastly(fossil)
>1  haunter(fossil)
>1  gengar(fossil)
>2  jynx
>1  ditto(fossil)
>1  dratini
>1  dragonair
>1  dragonite
>1  mewtwo(basic)
>2  mew
>      trainers-26
>1  clefairy doll
>1  computer search
>1  item finder
>1  super energy removal
>1  defender
>3  energy retrieval
>1  full heal
>2  maintenance
>1  plus power
>2  pokemon flute
>3  pokedex
>2  professor oak
>3  super potion
>2  bill
>2  energy removal
>        energy-16
>16  psycic energy
>please give me your real opinion.


My real opinion? Ok, it's not good. Not necessarily bad (i've seen much
worse); but not tourney worthy at all.
I'll admit there are some good cards in here, but there just aren't enough
of them. Your choices of pokemon are fine, although i can' see anything that
resembles an implied strategy within them. It would have been nice if you
would've capped off abra's line with a couple Alakazam; but i understand if
you can't get those. Your evolution ratios are way off. They should 4-3-2,
4-3, or even 3-2; you should have them this way to increase the chance that
you will get the right evolution at the right time. As opposed to hoping
that you get your dratini before you get your dragonair/dragonite. It would
be nice if you figured out a strategy to the deck before you begin
construction again.

As for the real junk in the deck, the trainers, i'd say keep the following
cards and work from there.

professor oak
energy removal
super energy removal
item finder
computer search.

The rest of the cards are either crap, or too situational to begin a deck
A for the energy... you need more.

Hope that helps.

Justusdux "Dux"

p.s. excuse the lateness of my reply.

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