>From: Pojoking@aol.com
>To: me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com
>Subject: Deck: Hurricane Rain
>Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 09:43:44 EST
>Hi, this is pretty obviously a Rain Dance, OK.  Blastoise is in their for
>60 damage and his power, Articuno is a great single, I use Lapras for
>and Chansey is their so I can stall if I have to.  I could probably use
>help with my trainers but this deck is doin pretty good right now.  See
>u can do.
>4 Squirtle
>4 Blastoise
>4 Articuno
>3 Lapras
>3 Chansey
>22 Water energy
>3 DCE
>3 Bill
>2 Oak
>4 Breeders
>2 Sup Potion
>2 Sup Energy Rem
>2 Switch
>2 Gust
>1 Energy Retrieval
>I got almost every card and if I don't I can buy it single at a nearby shop
>so do what you want with it.  Anyone else have any comments e-mail me at


Straight to it, your pokemon are near perfect as they can be already; so i
wont work on them. The trainers are the only area of concern in the entire
deck. So let's get to work then.

The trainers are a playable set; but there are some cards that i need to see
in here before i'll give this my stamp of approval.

Pokemon trader: The more consistent version of raindance run 2-4 of these
goodies. They're self explanatory as to what they do.

So where do we find the space? Well i hate to say this, but it looks like
the bills will all be removed. Reasoning is the deck really needs the
traders more than an extra two cards. This will speed up the deck and
possibly get out blastoise second turn nearly every game.
Also add in one more Oak, as they are very good in most any raindance. Take
out the energy retrieval for it.


With the addition of these trainers it should be more consistent as long as
you play it well.

hope that helped.

Justusdux "Dux"

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