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>To: me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com
>Subject: pokemon deck
>Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 11:15:15 EST
>here is my deck please help
>28 electric energy
>3 DCE
>2 Electabuzzs
>3 Zapdos (Fossil)
>3 Magnemites
>2 Magnetons (Fossil)
>4 Pikachu (Movie, Poke league promo, E3, WOTC)
>4 Raichus ( 3 Fossil)
>1 Ditto
>1 Kangaskhan
>2 Pokeballs
>3 bills
>2 Gambler
>1 GOW
>1 SER
>It does well against some decks but loses to others please help me out.


Did u notice my reply wasn't at the top like it usually is? That's because
my formatting is going to change over the next few weeks, until i finally
find the layout that works the best for me. This layout will be alot like
the one i used to first become a mechanic. It usually ends up a fairly large


There is too much energy, the pokemon ratio's are off, and as you would
expect from the excess of the other parts there are too few trainers.
You did not write down an actual strategy to the deck; but it's fairly easy
to see that it's a bench destruction deck. It's a solid strategy, and seems
to be getting more popular as time goes on.
I've seen many variations of this deck... all psychic, all electric (this
one), a mix psy/electric, and sometimes i see hitmonlee's thrown in for
flavor. They all seem to have one common problem though... they're very slow
(too slow) for a tournament deck.

The electric version:
seems to be the fastest (mostly because of electabuzz), and the most
devastating (Fossil Zapdos and Raichu).

The all psychic  version:
Second in speed thanks to promo mewtwo, and has cooler "trick" cards in the
annoying mr.mime, the evasive haunter, and one of the best powers in the
game from gengar.

The mix psy/electric version:
Normally starts out like snail but evantually it gets out the cards it needs
to make the life span of the opponents pokemon very short. It's hard to make
comeback against this version, as your pokemon seem to be getting cursed or
thunderstormed before they can make any impact. Electrodes are commonly
found in this version just to speed up the process.
Thats enough of a history lesson for today, now onto the fix!!


Electabuzz: A great starter for this deck. I might add two more in.

Zapdos: One of the most devastating pokemon out there, but three might be
too many. Expect to see one less in the final version.

Magneton: There are already too many high energy attacks already. Might turn
into Electrodes; but more likely will be some more trainers.

Magnemites: Only usefull to get magneton out. Unfortunately magneton is

Pikachu: These are fine, just pick one certain type of pikachu though.
Jungle version fits the theme the best; but the movie promo pumps up raichu
the quickest.

Raichu: Four is way to many. Take out one basic.

Ditto/Kangaskhan: This is going to be straight bench destruction deck so
these quickly become trainers.

I may or may not add Electrodes.


Theres not much to talk about here, just assume that these will change


Once again a drastic change.

Take out all the DCE, as they are not necessary, and take the number of
electric energies down 24.

Here's the final version:

Pokemon (17)
4 Pikachu (movie promo is my suggestion)
3 Raichu (Fossil)

3 Electabuzz (needed his fourth spot)

2 Zapdos (Fossil)

3 Voltorb
2 Electrode

Trainers (19)
4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search (makes the deck less draw dependent)
2 Item Finder (recurse your old favorites)
3 Gust of Wind
2 Switch (everyone has a high retreat cost)
3 Energy Removal

Energy (24)
24 electric energy (this may be too many with the electrodes already there,
so you'll have to test it to get the right number.


I really wanted to add scythers in place of the electabuzz to give the other
electric pokemon a rest against hitmoncham; but found that his speed makes
him more valuable than a free retreat cost and nice resistance. More
importanly the deck needed something to combat the ever popular Mr.Mime.

That's that, hope i helped.

Justusdux "Dux"

p.s. how do you like the new layout?

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