i'm sorry this letter took so damn long to get to you but i got annihilated
this weekend with well over 50 deck fix requests. i still haven't gotten to
read half of them on account of my slow @$$ connection.
about the jungle boosters... holy s*** you gotta be kiddin me!!! first i
thought to myself "self, thats an awful load to pay for cardboard and some
shiny plastic wrapping isn't it?" and then self though "oh wait he means
new zealand dollars! i wish i knew the exchange rate". either way, i
believe you're gettin ripped down under (wow does that sound sick).

about the deck... all i gotta say is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!! sorry 'bout that
but i just hate snorlax. oh wait, aside from snorlax the deck looks fine.
jynx is a bit slow, but the 'buzz and mewtwo's more than make up for him.
one note about the energy though; cut out two "yella"  energy and put in
another scoop up and another gust of wind.

hope this helps.

Justusdux "Dux"

p.s. it's about 0 degrees fahrenheiht outside, how cold is it there? 90?
thought so. it sux here. :(

>From: "DJT" <staitz@ihug.co.nz>
>To: <me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Catch? Whats the catch? The satisfaction of helping your fellow man.
>Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 01:55:04 +1300
>Dear (my buddy old pal who will respond real quick to this e-mail) Dux,
>Well big news....."And the light shone down from the heavens onto the
>small city of Auckland and gifts in the form of 12.95 boosters were
>distributed to selective shops.....and... it was good." Jungle have
>arrived and are spreading around Auckland in very scarce numbers. Got my
>hands on a snorlax and some licktungs, yup. *notch in the belt*. Well
>enough of my greedy showing off so here is my latest deck:
>3-Mewto (promo)
>1-Snorlax (yup....Im good) [bit like our old buddy scotty]
>4-Energy Removal
>4-Super Energy Removal
>2-Computer Search
>2-Scoop up
>2-Gust of wind
>3-Item finders
>2-Energy retrieval
>2-Professor Oak
>10 of the yella
>10 of that purple stuff
>and 4 of the funny white ones to go.
>Well its a bit of anti-hay, its a bit of energy denial, bit of that bit of
>this, bit of a fruit salad. Well, Im using a bit of the old metagame with
>me old Mewto (Hitmonchan, Jynx, Alakazam), and Electabuzz takes care or
>Raindance. Chansey is there for my anti-hay side(double edge kills most
>haymaker pokemon). A good combo is double edge and scoop up. Jynx is to
>finish and your clever enough to finish the rest. Oh yeah and Snorlax
>(*clicks knuckles*....yup) is there because I tried it against a grass
>deck. But I still believe this deck has quite a few problems and was
>wondering if you could give the ol' girl a tune-up, because on some of
>those sharp corners her handling aint that great.
>oh yeah and the name hmmmmmm.... your probably expecting something witty
>and humorous. Now that I think if it you probably only post decks with
>really clever names. Oh is it me or it just getting hot in here, um...
>I'll call it..

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