I know a couple of people in new zealand who are just getting jungle packs
recently. I don't know if this is the same as australia but if you don't
have them by now, you should be getting them soon. Rapidash is the reason
jungle is good for fire decks (flareon too). I don't think that the base set
fire pokemon are strong enough to make up a good enough mono-fire deck by
themselves. But because this is suppose to be a deck fix here is what a
weak, base set only, fire deck would look like.

4 Charmander
3 Charmeleon

2 Magmar

4 Farfetch'd
2 Chansey

Trainers (21)
4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
3 computer search
4 energy removal
3 Scoop up (i know, this doesn't work well with charmeleon)
2 energy retrieval
3 gust of wind
2 item finder

20 fire energy
4 double colorless

The future holds a few good thing for this deck... the afformentioned
Rapidash, and fossil's much improved magmar.
As for the fixed deck... chansey was put in to remedy your brother psychic
pokemon, farfetch'd was put in as a quicker pokemon, and the trainer set is
strictly haymakers as usual (i.e. faster than the previoues set). As for the
pokemon that i took out, they are just too slow; or in ponyta's case, too

As usual, i hope this helps.

Justusdux "Dux"

>From: "Aaron Cross" <azza@netserv.net.au>
>To: <me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Fire Deck Problems
>Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 11:56:13 +0800
>I am fairly new to the pokemon TCG and i have assembled two decks, a
>water/grass one and a entirely fire energy deck.  I do not seem to have any
>problems with the water/grass deck but i do with the fire one.  I have
>played with it only a few times and i won once only because i versed grass
>I have a brother collects and he is my main rival.  He likes elec/psy cards
>and has a fairly effective deck.  The main cards he focuses on getting out
>is pikachu/raichu, abra/kadabra, mewtwo, jynx, gastly and haunter.  These,
>along with some pokemon with cheap attacks are disasterous against my deck.
>  The cards in it are below.
>27 Fire Energy
>4 Charmander
>3 Charmelion
>4 Ponyta
>3 Vulpix
>1 Ninetails
>2 Growlithe
>2 Arcanine
>1 Pidgey
>1 Pidgeotto
>3 Gust of Wind
>2 Switch
>2 Energy Retrieval
>2 Energy Removal
>1 Potion
>1 Pokemon Breeder
>1 Pokedex
>I am not able to get my hands on the fossil/jungle cards because the don't
>sell em where i live.  Could you plz help me out here and suggest what i
>might do to change it.

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