Sorry I took so long to reply.

It amazes me how many times you can see a certain type of deck and keep on
getting the same thing over and over. On average I get about 15 water/grass
decks a month, and i've told the majority of people that send them in that
most water pokemon just are not splashable (magic term: easy to power up
with available energy, i.e. scyther, electabuzz or any pokemon that only
requires one, or none, of it's own type of energy to use it's moves).
here is a review of the water pokemon:

Articuno: First attack requires THREE (!!) water energy to use. solely
Raindance card.
Magikarp: Ughhhh don't bother
Gyarados: Same as Articuno but has to go through that god awful Magikarp.
Seel: Hey, promising here!! Only problem is the move only does ten, also
he's not exactly someone i'd want to keep out for more than a turn.
Dewgong: This guy's almost splashable, i still wouldn't keep him but, in the
future keep him in mind for a mostly water based deck.

To summarize: Except for Seel's line, not a one of these water pokemon
should be in a non-Raindance deck.

The grass Pokemon aren't quite as bad as the water pokemon; but make no
mistake, i wouldn't put half of them in non mono-grass deck.

There are two trainers in particular i don't like at all for this deck...
potion and super potion. This deck was sent to me before i put up my new
front page so they can be forgiven. One point i can't forgive so easily is
the fact that you only use one of each. It is universally thought by all the
mechanics that one of a certain card is never enough to make a difference in
any game.
Just remember to take them out when you actually play a game.

Here's my surrent version of a good water/grass deck:

4 Scyther

4 Lapras (as close to a bbp as water pokemon get)

2 Ditto

3 Aerodactyl (covers lapras' weakness by beating up on Electbuzz, sole
attack is colorless)

Trainers (24)
4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
2 Energy Removal
4 Super Energy Removal
3 Gust of Wind
3 Scoop Up
4 Mysterious fossil
2 Computer Search

Energy (23)
5 Grass energy (in case you want to sword dance first turn)
14 Water energy
4 Double colorless

The only weakness in the deck is to grass pokemon (Aerodactyl). Can't do
anything about that though.
Unfortunately i have not tested this deck and don't know how it would fare
in tournament conditions, i'd guess that Lapras would be a good metagame
choice against all the Magmars that seem to be running about lately. Also,
even though Aerodactyl does beat up on Electabuzz (another metagame pick)
he's really not that common in a deck of this type, so i wont know how he
will do either.
Any way you look at it, the deck is purely thought up. It runs on the
assumption that if you make a good haymaker base of the usual pokemon and
the usual trainers, and then throw in some fairly good pokemon, that
normally aren't in haymakers, that it would run alright enough to play.
Until i actually get the pokemon myself, i wont know how the deck behaves.
I'm sorry but that isn't likely to happen anytime soon; but hey if some nice
person out there wants to send me these cards for free i'd give them a good
home... yeah right, but it was a good thought anyway.

Anyway, i'm sorry i couldn't tweak your current deck; but the idea that
water pokemon aren't splashable kinda killed it.

Justusdux "Dux"

P.S. If anyone is considering to send me another water/grass deck in the
future to refer to this deck before sumbmitting. It will give you a clue as
to what it should resemble.

>From: "Steven Ingoldsby" <>
>Subject: Poke'mon Deck
>Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 00:12:37 PST
>Hey here's my deck, I call it "Your Bane" it hasent lost yet.
>4 Bulbasaurs   2 Sythers       4 Magikarps    2 Double Colorless
>3 Ivysaurs     2 Pinsers       2 Garadose    12 Leaf
>2 Venasaurs    2 Articunos     4 Seels       11 Water
>                               2 Dewgongs
>2 Bill    1 Regular Potion
>2 Switch  1 Super Potion
>2 Gust of Wind
>Please respond a.s.a.p  I really want to know what you think of it.

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