Well it's intersting, and i have a few suggestion but first of all what the
heck is a CUP? Kinda reminds me of a computer (cpu) search, but thats about

Anyways, onto the deck. Lemme think here... three evo. lines? Okay, I'll
take one out for ya... there goes magnemites line. Out goes zapdos line, and
in comes 2 more haunter  (fossil) in their places.
With magnemite line missing they can be replaced by 4 electabuzz and another
Now that the Pokemon are done I spose there's an explanation needed.
You really needed at least one more Haunter in there, and the third  just
adds to the consistency.
Zapdos is taken out as he is just too slow to power up. If the deck had
electrodes, like another bench destruction deck that i fixed, I could
understand why they would be there.
the electabuzz are just the best electric pokemon out there, so he was an
easy choice.
Not having that fourth Pikachu irks me; but I don't think it will hurt the
deck all too much.

Thats enough for the Pokemon.

The trainers are an ugly set, but reworkable. Heres a list of what i would

4 bill
2 professor oak
2 computer search
3 gust of wind
2 switch
3 super energy removal
2 energy retrieval

I replaced two energies with two Energy Retrievals, taking out one of each
energy to fit them in.
The Switches are normally not used in many of my fixes, but everyone has a
large retreat cost (aside from gastly/haunter).

well i think thats all folks.

Justusdux "Dux"

>From: "kathy" <abakayla@inna.net>
>To: <me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com>
>Subject: My pokemon deck.
>Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 14:41:17 -0600
>Pokemon (21)
>4x (Fossil)
>1x Hunter (Base)
>2x Gengar
>3x Magnemite
>2x Magneton (Fossil)
>3x Pikachu (Jungle)
>2x Richu (Fossil)
>2x Zapdose (Fossil)
>Trainers (15)
>1x Energy Retrieval
>1x Energy Search
>2x Bill
>1x Professor Oak
>3x SER
>3x ER
>1x CUP
>3x GOW
>Energy (24)
>9x Psychic energy
>15x Lightning energy
> This deck is a bench killer. All of these Pokemon can hurt my opponents
>benched Pokemon. (Except for Gastly and Hunter) Gengar's poke power: curse
>helps lots. Gust of Wind is to get the hurt pokemon out to take more
>damage. Energy Retrieval and Energy Search are in place of 4 energy.
>Magneton takes out any big HP Pokemon. So that is my deck.
> My email addres is abakayla@inna.net

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