water deck that isn't raindance??? i love it!! i know no one out theres
knows this but i have a huge bias towards water pokemon. i don't know why,
but i just do.

anyways, onto the deck. yes, i normally do hate using more than three
evolutionary lines; but for this one instance i'll let it slide.
as for the pokemon themselves, you should NOT have that many pokemon in ANY
deck. my personal max for the amount of pokemon i'd put in any deck is about
19, so we'll take out one of each of the stage ones. that only drops them
down to 21 unfortunately.
right here i would normally take out one line and put four scythers and an
energy in it's place, but because i like water pokemon so much and also to
keep in the theme of the deck i wont. if you feel that the deck could use
scyther though, you should take out eevee's line. they're the smallest of
the bunch, and though they have better attacks than the other two, the
difference in hit points makes the bigger difference.

before we even get to the trainers i'll get to another possible problem...
the lack of energy. i know thats what the energy retrievals are there for
but what if you already dedicated three water energy to golduck and need to
start building up vaporeon, the only way you'll get the energy to pump him
up is to either draw more or to have golduck die and retrieve it. i don't
think this deck is capable to draw more so it will have to rely on golduck
dying... thats not an ideal situation me thinks. so there goes little
golduck down the drain but his energy manages to float to the top again. so
for the next three turns vaporeon gets waxed and again that energy goes to
if you just would've had the energy in hand already you could've built up
vaporeon before hand and it wouldn't have taken such a beating.
and on the other hand you can debate that the pokemon facing golduck
shouldn't have enough energy to do any real damage to it. but the majority
of decks out there use pokemon with a one energy attack, and would be able
to kick the crap outta him with one attack.
i think there are too many stupid sides out their and the only thing that
would resolve this is to test it out more.

ever get that feeling that you're just rambling????

wow, after a looooooong paragraph we finally made it to the trainers.
i'm not going to get into another long discussion with myself so i'll just
give you a listing of the trainers i would use.

4 bill
2 professor oak
2 pokemon traders
3 item finders
4 energy removal
2 super energy removal
3 energy retrieval
3 gust of wind

there are 23 trainers here as i assumed that you already took out the three
previously mentioned pokemon. i'd love to put more energy in their places
instead but i think this version would be more playable as i listed.

well i think thats it. have fun, crush little kids, and make everyone aware
of the true power of water pokemon. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Justsudux "Dux"

p.s. just keep testing for maximum efficiency.

>From: Blvhardcor@aol.com
>To: me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com
>Subject: I wasted your mom's energy
>Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 21:09:54 EST
>     I'm sick of raindance, but I still want to play water, so here's my
>attempt at another type of competitive water deck. The idea is to remove
>energy always, and never let up. Every stage 1 has an energy removal
>and the trainers of that breed are maxed out as well...
>     The problem I have is I don't know what other trainers I could use,
>to what extent. I also know I should only have two evo lines, but my three
>are all stage 1 and i used to have just two, but i took out poliwag line
>because of the space it took up, and poliwrath didn't help my strategy as
>much as he should have considering the effort it took to get him out... any
>help is appreciated. Thanks
>Pokemon (24)
>4 Psyduck
>4 Golduck
>4 Evil Vaporeon
>4 Eevee
>4 Dratini
>4 Dragonair
>Trainers (20)
>2 Pokemon Traders
>2 Bill
>2 Computer Search
>2 Professor Oak
>4 Energy Removal
>4 Super Energy Removal
>4 Energy Retrieval
>Energy (16)
>14 Water Energy
>2 Double Colorless Energy

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