i guess that it is playable, i like the strategy but it isn't carried out
very well and needs more focused pokemon.
this looks like a fire/electric haymaker so i'll just give you a listing of
one that you could make with these, and some multiples of these, cards.

4 electabuzz (you can get these cheaply)

4 scyther (these are great for nearly any deck in the future too)

4 magmar (fossil) (these are easy to get)

2 kangaskhan

4 bill
2 professor oak
4 energy removal
3 super energy removal
4 plus power
3 scoop up
3 gust of wind

11 fire energy
8 electric energy
4 double colorless

the trainers are all easy to get. you should get them now anyway, you'll
need them all for future decks.

the strategy is the same as your current deck, just a little more efficient
with these changes.

hope this helps.

Justusdux "Dux"

>From: "knose" <knose@fuse.net>
>To: <me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Electaburn
>Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 19:25:54 -0500
>Hi , this is my deck it is called ELECTABURN. This is one of my best decks.
>It is a electric/fire/colorless. The stradity for this deck is to get a
>head start at the begining, and beat them down fast with basic pokemon. I
>think it is pretty good. Well here it is...
>     Electaburn
>Fire Pokemon
>     3 Fossil Magmars
>     1 Base Magmar
>     13 Fire Energy
>Electric Pokemon
>     2 Electabuzz
>     1 Promo Pikachu (the movie one)
>     12 Electric Energy
>Grass Pokemon
>     2 Scyther ( colorless attack and a great card)
>Colorless Pokemon
>     2 Kangsakhan (great card , my favoriate attack fetch)
>     2 Lickitung
>     1 Dratini
>     1 Dragonair
>     3 Double Colorless Energy
>     4 Energy Removals
>     3 Super Energy Removals
>     3 Plus Power
>     1 Gust Of Wind
>     2 Scoop Up
>     3 Bills
>     1 Professor Oak
>This is my deck hope u like it . My name is branden knose and my e- mail
>address is tommyboy101@yahoo.com

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