it's a decent deck, it needs a few more multiples of some cards, i.e. scoop
ups, and some cards should just be removed, i.e. kabuto's line. aside from
that it should play pretty well for your son.

i'd love to help tune your deck a little bit more but i'd rather just give
you some advise instead. it'll make your son a better player (and deck
builder in time).

try to use multiples of cards. this will increase the efficiency of your

too many evolutions (more than two lines) will slow your deck down to a

a deck must have a good strategy. i can't stress that enough.

if you only have one of a good card and many of a decent card, use the many
decent cards until you get better cards.

be careful what energy you choose to remove, be picky about this.

i think thats enough advise for today. hope some of it even helped.

Justusdux "Dux"

>From: "Thomas Sullins" <>
>To: <>
>CC: <>
>Subject: heavy  hitter
>Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 13:47:37 -0800
>This is a deck I made for my 6 yr old boy. It has been impossible for
>anyone to win against him. It deal with taking away energy so his opponet
>is behind, always trying to recover from the previous round. Then comes the
>heavy hitters, inflicting damage so muck that his opponets are always
>trying to play keep up, but to no avail.
>4 Double colorless energys
>16 Fighting energys
>4 Bills
>2 Super energy removals
>1 Switch
>3 Plus Powers
>3 Energy Removals
>2 Professor Oakes
>2 Computer Searches
>4 Gust of Winds
>1 Energy Searches
>1 Switch
>1 Scoop Up
>2 Super Energy Removals
>2 Mysterious Fossil
>2 Dittos
>2 kangaskans
>3 Hitmonlees
>2 Pinsirs
>2 Hitmonchans
>3 Scythers
>1 kabuto
>1 Kabutops

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