first the obvious. muk should never, ever!, be put into a deck with this
many pokemon powers involved. secondly one of the evolutions are going to be
taken out... gastly's line.  alright, that gives us alot spots to deal with.
mewtwo is taken out because of a personal preference.
next we play around with the ratios for the. heres a listing.

4 abra
2 kadabra
3 alakazam

4 bulbasuar
2 venusaur

4 scyther (my personal preference)

now the trainers, only the pokedex and switch are ripped out. once again,
heres a list of the trainers.

4 pokemon breeder (alot of stage three's)
3 pokemon center (great in any deck with venusaur/alakazam)
3 pokemon traders
2 professor oak (bills aren't effective as these in this deck)
3 gust of wind (one of the most versatile cards out there)

i see in your future (i'm psychic... maybe not) that this deck might do well
in a tourney. it all depends on your draws (as usual).
one last thing before i go, put in 3-4 double colorless energy in place of
some psychic energy.

hope this helped.

Justusdux "Dux"

>Subject: Psy-Grass deck(needs help)
>Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 21:20:09 EST
>Hey, I've got a deck that I've tried a few times that I think is okay. 
>me some help on improving it.(please!)
>2 Gengar, fossil
>2 Haunter, fossil
>4 Gastly, fossil
>3 Abra
>2 Kadabra
>2 Alakazam
>2 Mewtwo
>4 Bulbasaur
>2 Ivysaur
>1 Venusaur
>3 Grimer
>2 Muk
>2 Pokemon Trader
>2 Pokemon Breeder
>2 Pokedex
>2 Switch
>10 grass energy
>14 Psychic energy
>My stratagy is to stop decks that rely on pokemon powers, such as "Rain
>Dance" decks with Muk, and use Energy Trans to get energy where it is
>  Gengars can hit at the bench, and Alakazam can switch around damage. 
>can be a staller/attacker, and Gengars pokemon power can be used well.  I'd
>like an opinion on changing things.
>     GunghoX0

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