one note ere we get started, having six double colorless in a deck is very
illegal. also six is too much anyway, keep in three, and dump the rest.

too much energy, too many pokemon, too little trainers. that explains your
situation nicely.
we can't do anything about the pokemon (they have to be there), and the evo.
ratio will do fine.
just knock off seven psychic energy, thats alot of spaces, now we need
something to fill them up.
get rid of the oaks and bills, and put three computer search in their place.
that takes up bills and oaks spots, seven empty spots still.
get rid of the super energy removal, put in another pokemon center.
put in two more pokemon center, 5 spots left.
put in three gust of wind. they work great with mimes and gengars.
and lastly put in 2 switches.

this is a very poor psychic deck, it stalls and does bench destruction, but
it does neither of them very well and with little consistency. my best
advise would to be to drop one of the evolutions. firstly i don't like
having two types of stage two evolutions, and secondly you need more room
for trainers.

i believe i have a few stall deck and bench destruction decks posted on my
page if you are interested.

hope thats some advise

Justusdux "Dux"

>Subject: Ghosts and Mimes
>Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 15:36:49 EST
>I need help with my psychic deck.  It has the good old Chansey-Alakazam-Mr.
>Mime strategy but I also have Gengar and Haunter to cause some high damage,
>especially to my opponents deck.  I seem to have a large problem with
>colorless and pyshic decks, because my deck is weak to pychic and cololess
>are resistant to my deck.  Also, my trainers aren't great and need help.
>Thanks for your time and help.
>Pokemon * 22
>Chansey * 2
>Kangaskhan * 2
>Mr. Mime * 2
>Gastly * 4
>Haunter * 2
>Gengar * 2
>Abra * 4
>Kadabra * 2
>Alakazam * 2
>Trainers * 5
>Pokemon Center * 1
>Super Energy Removal * 1
>Professor Oak * 2
>Bill * 1
>Energy * 33
>Psychic * 28
>Double Colorless * 6

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