well i definately like the idea with the fighting energy; but what if it's
best 2 of 3? your opponent should know by then if you're actually not using
a haymaker. but if your tourney is one game a match then it should work
fairly well.

anyways, some criticism. i think 4 lass is too many, 2 should be the most
for any deck. gambler i can't see helping you from decking yourself; but i
really wouldn't know, i never used them, so i'll let you decide.
alot of the cards in the deck i would call "Sub-standard" and don't know how
they stand up in tournaments.

i hate to say this but i have absolutely no idea how this deck would perform
in a tourney. it has alot of good elements to it, and some good ideas too;
but i can't see how it would play out. i see how a haymaker works, can see
how raindance can work, can see how alakazam stall works, and many other
decks, but for the life of me i can't see how this will play out. maybe it's
that i've never played, nor liked, lass, super potion, and gamblers... they
just give me an icky feeling.

anyways, best of luck to you. i'm gonna post this for it's originality at

Justusdux "Dux"

>From: "scyther" <scyther@richnet.net>
>To: <me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com>
>Subject: My deck "massive stall",I need help with it for a tournament.
>Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 17:15:35 -0500
>My strategie is to deck my oppent,I will go into detail at bottom.
>deck list:
>4x chansey(original,huh?)
>3x likitung
>3x scyther
>10x fighting energy(when I start with a fight energy and A scyther
>sometimes thinks I`m playing a haymaker and starts oaking to keep up with
>4x Double Colorless Energy
>4x bill(Combined with gambler it stops decking)
>4x gambler
>4x lass
>4x mr.fuji
>4x scoop up
>4x Pokemon center
>4x energy removal
>4x Super potion
>Chanseys purpose Is to use DCE to scrunch and his 1 retreat + 120 HP to
>stall,likitung is just as good because of his annoying status
>effects.Scyther REALLY helps with the fighting problem and his free retreat
>allows him to stall plus be a mr.fuji target.Energy is there basicly to
>retreat and to use Super potion.DCe helps me get in a surprise supersonic
>or scrunch.All my trainers are no-brainers and lass is a nice "double" card
>because ts kind of offensive.
>Thanks for your time,
>Scyther(AKA Super-sayien Vegita)

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