just a few corrections/remarks. i realize you can't get jungle and fossil so
it's just base set for a while for you (btw: how did u get the
kangaskhans?), other wise i'd suggest using scythers instead of magikarps
line. i would suggest removing all the dragonites and putting in one more of
each of 'buzz and 'chan. if you're not too attached to using gyarados i'd
take him out too and put in some energy removal. that would make the deck
alot more reliable.

heres what i would turn it into... the early version of haymaker with a

pokemon (17)
4 electabuzz

4 hitmonchan

4 dratini
3 dragonair

2 kangaskhan

trainers (21)
4 bill
2 oak
4 energy removal
3 super energy removal
3 gust of wind
3 scoop up
2 item finder

energy (22)

4 double colorless
11 fighting energy
7 electric energy

i hate too turn any deck into a haymaker but any deck with hitmonchan and
electabuzz is destined to be one. also i think gyardos hurt this deck alot
more than it could ever help.

hope i could help again.

Justusdux "Dux"

>From: "DJT" <staitz@ihug.co.nz>
>To: <me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Double Dragon
>Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 00:30:50 +1300
>Dear Dux,
>Because of your excellent advice and very quick reply to my last deck I
>would like to give you a new deck which I am thinking of entering into a
>tournement. From my old deck I have taken out Blastoise (until I get
>another) and then added some new ones. Here it is, its called Double Dragon
>(hey shut up its all I could think of):
>Colourless (or for you yanks 'Colorless'):
>2-Kangaskhan (for stalling and cards, so comet punch is a desperation move)
>2-Dragonite (both Promo, oooo I don't know about these, very inconsistent
>and unreliable)
>Energy(need help here):
>Double Colourless-2
>2-Professor Oak
>2-Energy Retrieval
>2-Gust of wind
>2-Pokemon Trader
>4-Plus Power
>Well... Strategy.........hmmmmmm..........well the Hitmonchans, Electabuzz
>and Kangaskahan are there for good basics and stallers and if my deck is
>shuffled perfectly I have a definite, very good chance of getting them. I
>can add another Electabuzz and I can get my hands on 2 Promo Mewtos and two
>scoop ups and maybe take out Hitmonchans and add Jynxs?? I have also
>thought about adding another oak because I have trader instead of computer
>search??? Oh yeah, and after the basics I pump up Gyarados and
>Dragonair/Dragonite, plus Gyardos' resistance can help Kangaskhan and
>Electabuzz. My energy is in need of serious help, as well as my trainers
>and my pokemon. I still have those other other electric pokemon except for
>Zapdos and I have another promo Pikachu, 3 electrodes to refresh your
>memory. Please make any suggestions because I am going to a card shop and
>can buy more cards (Jungle, basic and maybe fos...I won't push it).
>Well thats it, SO GO HOME!!!!
>OH yeah and happy new year to you bro.
>And I just figured that you have a bloody cool e-mail address

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