your strategy is fine, it's just horribly implemented.

how do you stall with only one of each of your stallers? only one comp.
search to get them and no traders whatsoever?

too much energy, lower this too around 24-25, and put more trainers in their

you didn't say you had a shortage of cards, but by your choices of cards, i
think you do. fixing a stall deck without a large choice of cards is
difficult, if not impossible, to do. to tell you the truth i don't know if
stall would work at all without 3, or at least 2, alakazams. also having no
traders, not enough chanseys, not enough mime, and not enough pokemon
centers also hurt this fix.

my suggestion is that if you want to make this deck a good stall deck you
will have to put more money into it. i hate to say that; but for a stall
deck it's the best way to go.

if you want a nearly playable stall deck without putting in all the money
then here a list of a much cheaper version... it wont work half as well as a
version with 3 alakazams but it's still almost playable.

pokemon (16)
4 slowpoke
3 slowbro

4 jynx

3 lickitung
1 chansey
1 kangaskhan

trainers (21)
4 pokemon center
3 recycle (to get back the pokemon centers)
4 mr. fuji (get those injured slowbro's off the bench)
3 switch
3 energy retrieval
4 pokeballs (not a good replacement for traders but, once again, they'll do)

energy (23)
4 double colorless energy
19 psychic

thats the cheapest stall deck i've seen. if you want a more expensive stall
deck just look in the killer deck sections, they always have a few.

heres some advise, keep slowpoke out there with a slowbro on the bench, then
just keep scavenging back the pokemon centers and using it the next turn.
this could give you up too 10-15 turns of stalling, if you need to get back
that energy you used you can just start scavenging back the energy
retrievals. note though, i've never played with slowpokes and don't know how
they would do up front against all the BBP's out there. you'll have to
experiment with them.

alright, thats it. hope it helped.

Justusdux "Dux"

>Subject: pokemon deck
>Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 11:54:13 EST
>Hey! There is a big tournament coming up and I would like to win with this
>deck called the Tough Noogats.  I think it is a pretty good deck and my
>friends do too but want it to be the best it can be,  My strategy is to
>with the Kangaskhans and the Mr. Mime until I can get the Alakazam pumped
>on my bench. Then I use Damage Swap and dump all the damage on Chansey that
>can. When he has only 10HP left I would use Pokemon Center on Chansey and
>discard no energy because, I dont put energy on him, and he is healed. I
>bring out the Electrabuzz to kill the opposite player.
>Tough Noogats
>1 Chansey
>3 Abra
>2 Kadabra
>1 Alakazam
>2 Kangaskhan
>2 Pikachu (Jungle)
>2 Raichu ( 1 Basic, 1 Fossil)
>1 Zapdos (Fossil)
>2 Electrabuzz
>1 Jynx
>1 Mr. Mime
>18 Pokemon
>1 Double Colorless Energy
>13 Psychic Energy
>15 Lighting Energy
>29 Energy
>1 Lass
>1 Professor Oak
>2 Pokeball
>1 Pokemon Center
>1 Plus Power
>1 Gust of Wind
>2 Energy Retrievals
>1 Bill
>1 Computer Search
>2 Imposter Professor Oaks
>13 Trainers
>60 card total

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