your only problem i can see is no bills (aside from the worthless
pokecenter). bills are, and most likely, will always be my favorite card. if
anyone sends me a deck fix i almost always suggest using bills, they speed
your deck up and make it more consistent. there aren't many cards that do
that as well as he does (maybe oak).
the energy is fine (maybe a little less), and the pokemon are right on, but
the trainers are a little "goiffy". heres what i would use.

4 bill
2 oak
4 energy removal
2 super energy removal (item find these later, also item finder is a little
more flexible)
3 gust of wind
3 scoop up
2 item finder
2 computer search

heres my explanation of removing the plus powers: your pokemon already hit
for enough already; if your deck was full of mimes, buzz (kinda), and
magmars i could understand (they don't hit very hard) but two of your
pokemon can hit for 40 and another can hit for 80 and get scooped up the
next turn, now that should be enough damage there.

ok that ends the tuning.

Justusdux "Dux"

>Subject: MewtoMaker
>Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2000 18:33:49 EST
>well here is my deck ive won a few tourneys with it but it needs a lil help
>and you guys are the experts so i naturally came to you,the way i play it
>if i get and oak in the opening draw i use it so mv.mewto can attack
>quicker.Chan is in there because of electabuzz.Chansey is in there for psy
>decks.Scyther for chans.Any way that is the basic idea of it.Basiccally i
>want to remove all their energy and kill em.I love this deck but it needs
>tuning.Now here's the deck:
>4 movie mewto
>4 hitmonchan
>2 chansey
>4 energy removal
>3 super e.r.
>4 plus pwr.
>2 scoop up
>1 mr.fuji
>1 pokecenter
>2 comp search
>1 item finder
>2 g.o.w.
>2 prof.oak
>4 d.c.e.
>11 fighting
>10 psy
>well thats my deck please clinic it soon thank you

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