last things first as usual.

hitmonchan and buzz always make a great combination, and maybe the
electrodes could speed up a third party (i wish that zapdos was fossil!!!).
sounds kinda like a haymaker, a wierd one. anyway just throw the usual stuff
in... bills, oaks, s/er's, gusts, and scoop ups.

the only reason that i'm a deck mechanic was because i won a contest (along
with, i think, 6 other people). i think the only way they would ask for new
mechanics is if one of the others became "inactive", and even then scott
would probably not have another contest and instead just pick someone of his

go here to see some great abbreviations

i couldn't stop laughin when i first read it.

Well anyway, mise well fix the deck.

starting with the pokemon.
i'll tell you upfront, i do not like stage two pokemon (blastoise aside).
for me at least they are too slow. i usually tend to stick to basic pokemon
and sometimes stage one pokemon. keeping within your theme though i'll let
dragonite slide; also his pokemon power is pretty cool.

Gyarados will have to do untill fossil reaches new zealand. after that you
can get lapras or articuno to replace him.

since this deck isn't based around blastoise entireley i would suggest you
only put in one more of him (normally two or three more for a full raindance
deck). put in one more of each squirtle and wartortle (a good fighter in his
own right). for the spots you need for them, take out the pokemon centers,
and one water energy.

the rest seem to be fine.

a sad note about the trainer... Bill.

i can't believe i'm gonna say this... i could not make room for bills. in
all my time playing pokemon i've always made room for them; being as they
are my favorite card. this is a sad day indeed for me. :~(

alright enough gloomy crap!!

the rest of the trainers have a right and a reason to in here, so i'll leave
them alone.

the energy count is right on, so that ends the fix.

one comment about raindance. it takes a real hit when mr.mimes come out in
jungle. watch out for him.

hope this helps.

Justusdux "Dux"

p.s. how did you get the jungle kangaskhans anyway?

>From: "DJT" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: DragonDance
>Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 20:34:17 +1300
>Dear Dux,
>I have been playing pokemon for a while now I have come up with a deck with
>the limited resources of Jungle and Fossil, since they aren't in New
>Zealand yet, but Jungle does arrive next month so that will be pretty
>sweet...mmmmm Jungle...anyways I was wondering if you could take a look at
>my deck, since my friend had very high recommendations. So here is my deck:
>2-Dragonite (2 movie promo)
>2-Energy Retrieval
>2-Gust of wind
>2-Professor Oak
>2-Pokemon Center
>2-Pokemon Trader
>1-Pokemon Breeder
>1-Computer Search
>1-Item finder
>(not to sure if bill shouldn't be in here but I do have Kangaskhan and
>Dragonites power).
>21-Water Energy
>4-Double Colourless Energy
>You might be wondering about the strange choice of trainers, well firstly
>Switch is mainly there for Kangaskhan and my other big 'mamma'/high retreat
>cost pokemon, this card has been extremely useful. Pokecenter is mainly
>there for Kangaskhan because most of the time he will only have one energy
>on him, since I use him as a staller. Breeder is there for Blastoise and
>maybe Dragonite. And the rest are pretty self explanatory, especially for
>you, being such an educated person in the art of Pokemon Cards. I also
>wonder if I don't need better basics, any suggestions.  Do I have enough
>energy? I think my trainers are in need of serius reconstruction. Any other
>suggestions and additions would also be much appreciated. I have also
>contemplated the thought of putting in a few Pokedex to work with
>Kangaskhan and Dragonites power, there are some good combos amongst these
>and bill and Professor Oak. I also used to have Lass and Imposter in, Lass
>is good against haymakers(Energy Removal) and Imposter is a fun slot and
>good when you are in a decking situation. I also thought about having
>energy removal for a combo with dragonair.
>Thanks for taking the time to look at my deck. Please reply back if you
>can, it doesn't matter if you don't put it on your page.
>Thanks again
>P.S. Don't you hate it when people e-mail you decks and for the reason in
>their choice pokemon reply, "he is just awesome," "He is my fave pokemon
>(don't you just hate stupid abreviations, the least they could do if you
>take your time to fix their deck is write an exta 6 letters or so).
>'Nough said
>P.P.S How do you become a deck person? Just curious, not trying to take
>your job or anything...*cough* *cough* (And the tumbleweed flies past)
>P.P.S.I am also think I am going to try make a new deck these are my
>spares. Got any Ideas?
>1-Promo Pikachu

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