you might wanna consider the base set electrode. i know they give your
opponent a prize but they just kick a** when attached to a zapdos; also they
have a good attack by themselves.
one last thing about zapdos, watch out for energy removal.

the trainers are a great set.

one thing about the pokemon, try to get all movie promo pikachu's if
possible. they charge up raichu's incredibly quick, and even without them
they have a great attack. if you can't get them though the jungle pikachu's
will do fine.

if you decide to stay away from the electrodes, than i'd go with the
scythers instead of the magmars. the fact that they can stall long enough so
that you can power up the bench killers and then retreat for free is a great
asset not to be passed up; also i didn't want you to splash in fire energy
to screw up the energy consistency.

i see what the defenders are used for so i'll leave them alone.

... and thats it. hope i could help.

Justusdux "Dux"

>From: "Kyle Babich" <>
>Subject: Deck for Repair (Blackout 2000: Version 1.3)
>Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 05:36:20 -0800
>This deck was made with the theme of giving bench damage and winning
>(duh!).  I could use a little help fixing it up.  People say in a match the
>person who wins usually has a bigger bench, I want to make my deck so the
>other person doesn't have a bench!  Zapdos (Fossil) is a big help with that
>so I decided to use it as my main card.  I also added Raichu (Fossil)
>because he can help.  I only put in 2 Raichu & 3 Zapdos because they are
>"energy hogs".  The others are just to stall and help out.  Can you help
>Deck Name: Blackout 2000 (Version 1.3)
>Deck Type(s): Electric & (Fire or Grass)
>Deck Strategy:  Give Bench Damage
>Blackout 2000:
>(Version 1.3)
>Pokemon (xx Total):
>3x Fossil Zapdos (Fossil)
>3x Pikachu (1 Movie, 2 Jungle)
>2x Raichu (Fossil)
>3x Electabuzz
>3x (Fossil Magmar or Scyther, I don't know,
>need help picking which one)
>Energy (xx Total):
>22x Electric
>(8x Fire or 4x DCE)
>Trainers (16 Total):
>4x Bill
>2x Oak
>2x Computer Search
>4x Energy Removal
>2x Defender
>2x GOW
>Note: If you decide Scyther is better, it opens up 4 extra spots.  When I
>added the numbers I used Magmar & his Fire Energy.
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