your right, it is fairly sturdy. hyper fang+meditate has always been a cool
combo. problem is i'm never sure wether mr.mime or jynx is appropriate is
better for the combo.
Jynx has a faster attack, more hit points, and a more damaging meditate. a
little expensive retreat cost though.
mr.mime has invisible wall, and a cheaper, yet lighter hitting, meditate. i
think invisible wall makes up for the 30 less hit points. also it does have
a better retreat cost.

it comes down to better retreat cost, or faster first attack. either way if
you don't have the money for mimes than jynx is the easy choice. if you do
have money for mimes, try them out. i don't know how they will do, so email
me with the results if you go with the mimes.

about the psychic resistant pokemon (any non-bird colorless). all of them
have a weakness to fighting, as you most likely noticed, so if you decide to
go with two colors i'd put in 3-4 hitmonchans (if you can get them) to
counteract the psychic resistance. you will have to put in some more search
cards (energy search/computer search) if you do go this way, and also a
couple energy retrievals.
i'd take out the mewtwo's if you go with the 'chans.

i can see why the switches would be needed in this deck, so i'll leave them
alone. the only trainer i have a problem with is imposter professor oak
(didn't see that comin??). maybe they have saved you a few times in a game;
but the majority of the time i think i would be too hesitant to play any as
i would worry that my opponent previously
had a crap hand and i'm giving him a better hand. thats what worry's me; my
opponent who was formerly hand screwed (wow does that sound sick) suddenly
got a brand new hand to kill me with, and he did absolutely nothing too get
it too.
I'll leave the decision of keeping him in or not up to you.

The rest of the deck i'll leave alone. well i hope this helped you more than
it hurt.

Justusdux "Dux"

>From: "John & Desiree Levinson" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: The Good, the Bad and the Ratty
>Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 23:33:47 +1300
>This is a deck I have recently come up after having played Pokemon for
>around 2 months. I feel that it is fairly sturdy, but could do with a
>tune-up. So here it is-
>The Good, the Bad and the Ratty (Lame title, but it's the best I could do
>:P )
>4x Jynx
>4x Mewtwo (2 Promo)
>4x Rattata
>3x Raticate
>2x Chansey
>1x Farfetch’d
>3x Switch
>3x Gust of Wind
>2x Computer Search
>2x Imposter Prof. Oak (He has saved me the game many a time)
>3x Bill
>2x Prof. Oak
>2x Energy Removal
>2x Super Energy Removal
>Total= 19
>19x Psychic
>4x Double Colourless
>Total= 22
>This deck is pretty much based on the simple strategy involving Raticate's
>Hyper Fang + Jynx's Meditate equaling dead Blastoise,Charizard, Arcanine
>etc. I have found normal Mewtwo useful later on in the game, acting as a
>heavy hitter against Pokemon such as Venusaur. Promo Mewtwo deals with
>Pokemon weak to Psychic and weak basics, as well as working well with Prof.
>Oak on the first turn (Energy Absorption). Chansey acts as I staller while
>I try to build up my bench and utilise the Raticate, Jynx combo and is
>great against other Psychic. I feel switch is a little underrated by some
>and is useful when pulling off the Raticate, Jynx combo. The main problem I
>am experiencing with this deck is facing fast decks and decks with Psychic
>resistance, needing stronger colourless Pokemon or possibly making my deck
>2 colours. Please help me!!

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