First of all, the majority of your deck would get destroyed by a magmar with
any energy removal as back-up. Theres really not much that you can do about
that. also not all haymakers use fighting pokemon (a.k.a. hitmonchan), but
the vast majority of them still run electabuzz. Theres nothing in here,
aside from the pokemon centers (which need veusaur to work effectively),
that counteract him at all.

Your should not have many problems with hitmonchan as you have scyther to
nullify him. The other two are your problems... electabuzz and magmar i
could see taking out the majority of your pokemon before they go.
Theres really nothing out there, aside from raindance, that can effectively
get rid of magmar. Electabuzz' weakness is hitmonchan.

Your only weapon that could be used against haymakers would be the pokemon
center... and maybe a couple item finders to get them back.

4 lickitung is waaaaaaaaay too many for any non-stall deck, and even in that
deck chansey is still better and much cheaper to retreat. Keep it reasonable
at 2 of them.

I love Jigglypuffs, they absolutely destroy most anything psychic and can be
incredibely annoying, but for another big hitter i'd take out two and add in
a couple pinsirs.

About the trainers. You can ask anyone that has ever had a fix done by me
that i love bills and professor oaks. They are my first and second favorite
cards in all of pokemon. Take out all the computer searches for four bills.
And take out two traders for the oaks.

I think four pokemon breeders is far too many for this deck. I realize you
only have one venusaur but until you get him into your hand you have four
(!) absolutely useless cards in hand. Drop two of them and add in two
ivysaurs. They are decent fighters and are better than having any breeders
in hand that, until you get that lone veusaur in in hand, you might as well
just throw away.

The energy should include four DCE for the scythers, lickitungs, and the

I hope this helped you.

Justusdux "Dux"

>From: "Joey Lam" <>
>Subject: My Deck
>Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 10:48:28 EST
>JimboChiu (AKA Ian Eagle)
>The name of this deck is "It doesn't matter!"
>25 Grass Energies
>        1 Chansey
>        1 Venusaur
>        4 Lickitungs
>        4 Bulbasaurs
>        4 Scythers
>       4 Jigglypuffs
>        4 Pokemon Breeders
>        4 Computer Searches
>        1 Item Finder
>        4 Pokemon Traders
>        4 Pokemon Centers
>The strategy of this deck is to use Venusaur poke power to pump up Venusaur
>Chansey. When they are fully pumped, they can usually dominate the game
>noone is resistant to grass or colorless. To hold the fort until Venusaur
>comes out
>Lickitung and Jigglypuff are added to the deck. Lickitung's Tongue Wrap is
>annoying, and it can stall for 5 or 6 turns. Jigglypuff is a cheap card
>that can
>also stall. And the ever so versatile Scyther can stall, or do some cheap
>while Venusaur gets pumped up. The thing I like about Scyther is its 0
>That can be useful because you can slash for one turn, retreat, and
>transfer the energies
>to Venusaur and use Solar Beam. It can kill almost anyone. Chansey is there
>to act as the closer.
>In baseball, the closer closes out games and ends it. Well, Chansey is the
>same thing.
>Double Edge can kill almost anyone out there, and can give you your last
>What do u think? I might have done well with 4 Chanseys, than the 4
>Jigglypuffs, but
>I just don't have the $$$$ to get 3 more Chanseys. Besides, Chansey only
>one purpose, and I can just use a Poke Trader, or Comp. Search to find one.
>I have won
>a tourney with this deck, but in other days I've lost in the 1st round to a
>Do you have any suggestions on how to improve this deck to face Haymaking?
>I think stallers
>with no weakness to fighting should be a good start.

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