it's a raindance deck, thats pretty obvious.
i'll address your trainers first.
Dump the potions, and the pokeballs entirely. put in two more oaks for a
couple of the potions and put in two pokemon traders, maybe 3 for the
pokeballs. raindance is all about getting blastoise up and going so you
might want to put in a couple, just two, pokemon breeders. that should turn
it into a more turbo blastoise styled raindance.
also you should have a few more switches/gust of wind. probably 2 switches
and 3 gusts.

the amount of energy is just fine as long as you keep the energy retrievals
in. maybe put in one more energy retrieval though.

for the squirtle line it should be more along lines of the 4-3-3 ratio.  i
know that takes up a lot of spots in the deck but they are the most
important parts to it.
i want to put in some lapras and some articunos but i don't know of which
line to take the spots from, the seel line or the magikarp line.
even though magikarp line can be a harder hitting line it's basic just plain
sucks. on the other hand the seel line hits for a decent amount but has a
much better basic. also there are no holo-foils involved with the seel line,
and definately make the deck a whole lot cheaper, that all comes to my final
point... remove the magikarp line.
without the poliwrath you can also just take out the poliwag line... it's
just not worth keeping in without them.
i noticed that you have the 1-1 ratio for the clefairy line. just to clean
it up and keep it at two spots; you should put ditto's in their places.
normally i don't use any non-water pokemon in a raindance deck, but i'll
make an exception here.

i realize that you should have a few slots left to put in things so my
suggestions for them are, lapras (even with the dittos it's still tough to
beat mr.mimes. these should remedy that), articuno's (your big basic
heavyhitter. the only card good against aerodactyl's in this deck), also a
couple of breeders but you might wanna test consistency before you take
spots out for these.

well thats just some suggestions. there are decklists of raindance decks all
over the place on the pojo.

Justusdux "Dux"

>From: Terry Sturm <>
>Subject: My deck(FLOOD)
>Date: Sat, 04 Dec 1999 11:33:29 -0600
>Hi Dux, this is my deck called FLOOD.  I am asking you to PLEASE look over
>this deck and tell me what to change.  I have played some games against my
>friends with this deck and it did pretty good, but I would like to make it
>bedder.  PLEASE help!!
>23 Water
>4 Potion(heal your pokémon)
>4 Bill(get more cards)
>1 Gust of Wind (if your oppent has a weak pokémon on the bench)
>1 Computer Search(get Blastoise)
>2 Energy Retrival(reuse enrgy)
>2 Poké Ball(get Gyarados)
>23 POKéMON:
>4 Squirtle(use at beggining)
>3 Wartortle
>1 Blastoise(take out a lot of pokémon
>2 Magikarp
>1 Gyarados(take out a lot of pokémon)
>3 Seel
>2 Dewgong
>3 Poliwag
>2 Polwhirl
>1 Clefairy(incase you are fighting a lighting deck)
>1 Clefable(incase you are fighting a lighting deck)
>The Statgy to this deck is to have Squirtle as your active pokémon at the
>beginning while you build up Magikarp/Seel on your bench.  Keep using
>Withdraw with Squirtle.  Then evolve Seel into Dewgong, Squirtle into
>Wartortle and Magikarp into Gyarados by using Bill to get more cards.
>Retret Wartortle and bring it Gyarados.  Use Gyarados to take out (kill)
>some of your oppenets pokémon.  When he faints bring in Dewgong and when he
>faints use Computer Search or Poké Ball to get Blastoise (if you don't have
>him in your hand all ready) and he will finish off the rest.  Clefairy and
>Clefable are if you are up against a lighting deck or you just need to use
>them at that time.
>If someone has questions or comments e-mail me at
>P.S. Dux PLEASE post this

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