Ok, I'm almost ready for my next patient. Just gotta do one thing
first...c'mon..close dangit!
   There!! Had to draw the blinds shut. Seems the window washer has been
making rude gestures at my patients and writing bad messages in the soap
suds. He's union too, so I can't even get him fired. Bummer.

   But onto more important things! You're right on time. Come on in, loosen
those straps on your straightjacket and tell me what your problem is.

>Hey Pojo dude,  here's my new deck.  I call it Wild, Wild, South.  It
>focuses on uses Pidgeot's Hurricane, and WigglyTuff's "Do The Wave".  I
>threw a few thing in to stall out.  And to run your opponent out of cards.
>Let me know what you think. I'm open to any suggestions.  I want to play
>this deck in a tourny soon, so I would appreciate a quick reply.
>4x Pidgey
>3x Pidgeotto
>2x Pidgeot
>3x Jigglypuff
>2x Wigglytuff
>2x Scyther
>2x Chansey
>2x Ditto
>2x Kangaskhan      Total: 22
>2x Imposter Pro. Oak
>1x Pro. Oak
>2x Energy Search
>2x Energy Retrieval
>4x Pokeball
>4x Double Colorless Energy
>3x Gust of Wind
>20x Psychic Energy

    Maybe I'd better tighten those straps back up. Did you say Impostor
Professor Oak?? Give me your forehead. I'm going to stamp "INSANE" on it in
big red letters so everyone can know to keep a wide distance from you.      
    There you go. I think it's very becoming on you. Let's see if we can
work on a cure for you while the ink dries.

     As with most crazy folk, there usually seems to be a method to the
madness, although 4 PokeBalls isn't MUCH of a method. But I can see a faint
glimmer of hope for you in those wide vacant eyes of yours.
     The overall theme of sending the opponent's Pokemon back to their hand
and crippling them with a nice Do The Wave attack has some good potential.
Not exactly a mainstream deck idea, but fun at any road.
      To maximize the effectiveness of this, you'll need less Pokemon than
what you have. 22 is just way too much for such a narrow goal.
      Reduce your creature list down to just the Pidgey, Jigglypuff and
Scyther families. You really don't NEED anything other than that, which
leaves much more room for important trainers, and you need a LOT of rehab
with your Trainers. And quit chewing at your restraints!!

       Ok, if you haven't been able to grasp the thrust behind my heavy
sarcasm, here it is in layman's terms. Get rid of the Impostor Professor
Oaks and the PokeBalls!!! Do yourself a favor!
       While we're at it, lose those Energy retrievals and Energy Searches
too. Your deck is colorless. Colorless!! There will never be a time when you
need one specific type of energy over another. Scyther is just as effective
with Colorless Energy as with Grass.

       Instead of trying to stall the match, I'd suggest stunning your
opponent. Sending his creatures back to his (or her) hand is a great start,
but you'll definitely want to back that up with a few tricks to save the
day. Energy Removals and Super Energy Removals will be sure to slow him
right down and waste his time. You should have a couple regular ones and 4
of the Super variety.
       Toss in a Computer Search and an Item Finder as good all-purpose
cards to have around, just in case you need something right away.

       Now that we've...hello?  HELLO??  Over here...c'mon, look over here.
The desk lamp is NOT speaking to you. Here, have a cookie...gooooood psycho.
Now where were we?
       Yes, now that we've distilled the lunacy from your deck, we can now
look at the final, SANE, version. And who does your hair, General Electric?

        4 Pidgeys
        3 Pidgeottos
        3 Pidgeots
        3 Jigglypuffs
        2 Wigglytuffs
        4 Scythers

        4 Bills
        2 Professor Oaks (Not that ugly Impostor either!)
        4 Gusts of Wind
        4 Super Energy Removals
        2 Energy Removals
        1 Computer Search
        1 Item Finder

        4 Double Colorless Energy
        19 Grass Energy (You have Scythers, so why use Psychic?)

    Ok, strategy time. This deck may take a moment to get going into the
full swing. Also, Aerodactyls will be your worst enemy. Aerodactyl's
Primitive Power will pretty much hurt your odds of getting the Pidgeot out
in time. Scyther will finish off an Aerodactyl really quick, but only a real
fool would send Aero out when it cripples you so.
    Your biggest advantage is the low, low retreat costs of your creatures.
The Pidgeot and Scyther lines both retreat free and Wigglytuff is only 2,
while Pidgeotto is just 1. Feel free to shuffle whenever you need to. You'll
most likely have the energy to do it with.
    You are equally resistant to Psychic and Fighting, which is excellent.
Also there is enough flexibility to circumnavigate a Fire or Electric
assault if done with care. Unfortunately, Scyther aside, you'll be dealing
damage at face value since nothing is weak to Colorless.

     I can't say you're cured, because frankly anyone who even considers
using Impostor Professor Oak has a long winding road of rehabilitation and
shock therapy ahead of them. However, I can say that your deck seems much
better suited to a playoff environment. In fact, this type is one I've often
thought of building myself, but have never gotten around to. I'd appreciate
you dropping me a line and telling me how it performs. I'm curious to know.

     Now that that's been said and done, you can see about my payment. My
secretary will give you a pen to hold in your teeth while you write the
check, but first turn around to face the window. There's someone I'd like
you to meet...

                     Good Luck,
                 Dr. Crash Landon
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