La la la...must be a Huey Lewis and the News marathon on the Muzak
today...I swear I've heard "The Power of Love" seven times since noon...I'll
just turn up the answering machine some more to cover up the cacaphony. (Big
word...look it up.)

    Oh wow, this one sounds desperate. I'd better help as soon as possible.

>Hello my name is Duncan, ihave a raindance deck concerning the all
>powerfull blastoise!!!!!
>(well here's my deck)
>(Pokemon:  21)
>4 squirtles
>2 wartortles
>2 blastoises
>4 seels
>3 dewgongs
>2 krabbys
>1 kingler
>1 lapras
>2 lickitungs
>(Trainer: 14)
>2 energy removals
>1 super energy removal
>3 professor oaks
>2 potions
>2 super potions
>2 pokeballs
>1 pokemon breeder
>1 recycle
>(Energy: 25)
>24 water energy
>1 double colorless energy
>The object of this deck is to use the theme raindance to win.
>Blastoises are the big guns of the deck and rain dance helps fuel my
>bench with energy. dewgongs also help inflict heavy damage. kingler is
>in ther just cause i don't have anything else to put in( i want to swap
>them for psyducks and golducks)
>lapras helps take care of mr. mime. and lickitung is an awesome staller.
>proffesor oaks help me get the enrgy i need, energy removals also help
>stalling, pokeballs help me get the pokemon i need, and pokemon really
>helps two all the rest is self explanatory
>i have sent this deck 5 times to different mechanics and never got a
>response please help

      Ouch, this deck is in need of some serious tuning! This is why I went
to Pokemon Psychiatry School in the first make wrecks of decks
like this into playable competitors. And dang my soft heart. 5 others have
ingored your pleas...well look no more. I got it covered.

      You almost have the grasp of a Raindance deck, almost. Admittedly,
this can be one of the most frustrating decks to build since you require
many copies of the same card, especially Blastoise. Try getting 4 of him
without a hassle...whew!
      It's been said many times, and I'll say it again: Raindance is all
about Speed. Speed Speed Speed. The best Raindance decks make use of the
card Pokemon Breeder. To have half a chance you need 4 of them, period. No
arguing this one either. It's a fact.
      Water Pokemon can hit very hard, but take some time build up, so
having Blastoise out early helps tremendously. Get as many Blastoise as you
can and 4 Pokemon Breeders and you'll be at a good pace.
      To support the deck you need other strong water Pokemon. Poliwhirl,
Polywrath and Gyarados are favorites. Dewgong is always an excellent choice,
as I see you've discovered. Lapras is in my opinion also a very fine card,
due to it's Basic Pokemon nature, high HP and quick effective attacks. And
yes, you're right, it's great against Mr. Mimes.
      The other element of Raindance decks is card drawing power. 4 Bills
and at least 2 Professor Oaks must go into the deck or you will stall out
and go belly up. Gusts of Wind are crucial in keeping big baddies on the
opponent's bench too.

      To start with, let's fix your Trainers: Toss all the potions, Super
Potions, Recycles and PokeBalls into your extras folder. Get out some Gusts
of Wind, Bills, Item Finders and, if you're the adventurous sort, a Gambler
or two.
      As for Pokemon, get at least one more Blastoise, if not two. You'll
thank yourself for doing so. You'll want about 2 more Lapras and some
Gyarados. If you can find any Articunos, and trust me it's tough, grab them.
Articuno is a great PokeMon. Poliwhirls, Poliwraths, Golducks and Seadras
make for decent backup creatures.

      If you do some shrewd trading, your deck may eventually look like
this. It's a bit on the expensive side, but that is a big reason why some
cards are pricy; they work.

      4 Squirtles
      4 Blastoises
      3 Magikarps (Evolve it as soon as possible. Nobody wants a Magikarp
Gusted into action.)
      3 Gyarados
      3 Lapras
      2 Articunos

      4 Bills
      3 Professor Oaks
      4 Gusts of Wind (You just can't overappreciate this card!)
      4 PokeMon Breeders (This card is vital!! Get 4!)
      2 Item Finders

      24 Water Energy

    I hope this helps. Raindance is a difficult deck archetype to assemble.
Energy Removals can be shuffled in if you wish, just don't sacrifice the
necessary cards like Professor Oak and Breeder. Also I realize that most
Pokemon necessary are expensive, so Golduck and Seadra and Poliwhirl will do
OK until you get the better cards. I'm sorry that nobody else responded to
help you out, but everyone here in the garage is busy. But I commend your
persistence and if that persistence carries over to your game, I'm sure
you'll get the cards you need real soon.

    By the way, my secretary, whose nails are looking smoother than ever,
will be glad to accept your payment for my advice. Give her credit cards if
possible...she looks real cute when she chips a nail on the card scanner.

        Good luck!!!

            Dr. Crash-Landon
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