It feels good to be back in the office again, after a major illness.
Severe bronchitis is a killer, lemme tell ya. Whew.

     Well let's hang up the jacket check on the answering machine...WOW!!
This thing is full! Guess you guys really need some help! Well, I'm back and
ready to counsel those in need.

     Let's hear the first message...

>My deck is an alakzam/gengar deck.  My strategy is to swap damage to
>and scoop or pokecenter it off, while gengar goes and kills on the bench.
>The Breeders are to get the 2nd stages out.  The big hitters, gengar,
>alakzam, kadabra, and sometimes chansey kill of pokemon, but i think i need
>more hard hitters.  And sometimes i have a shortage of energies.  Help!
>4 abra
>2 kadabra
>2 alakazam
>4 ghastly fossil
>2 haunter fossil
>2 gengar
>2 chansey
>4 ER
>4 SER
>4 Pokemon Breeder
>3 Pokecenter
>2 scoopup
>3 bills
>1 oak
>2 comp search
>19 psychic energy

   This isn't so bad, really. I like the idea, and the new Gastly family is
quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I see some areas that could use some
tweaking though...

    What you have is the basis for a very solid deck, one that I'm sure
you'll be seeing many variations upon for some time now. The only problem is
that you are grasping at one too many straws in what you can do with it.
    When using Pokemon breeders, many people remove the Stage 1 cards.
You've left them in. Good for you!! Kadabra and the fossil Haunter are two
of the best Stage 1's in the game currently. I'd leave them in. I just
wanted to touch on that thought.
    The cards that should be removed are the basic Energy Removals. Super
Energy Removal is a good, useable card and can buy you much time. And the
Fossil Gastly can certainly recover what you've lost. But the basic Energy
Removals are clogging up space that should really go towards 4 more Psychic
Energies. Psychic, other than Fire, requires the most Energy to survive and
19 won't cut it. 23 is more in the ballpark, but 25 is ideal. Experiment
with 23 to 25 Energy and see how well it can function with different
amounts. You really don't need 3 PokeMon Centers. They're more of a luxury
in this deck. Don't get me wrong, I use them all the time, but 2 will be
     To make the most out of your Scoop Ups you should add one more Chansey.
This is basically a newer WallStall deck and Chansey seems to play a vital
role. You can probably lose one of the Abras for another Chansey. Face it,
you'll never voluntarily put the Abra out to fight.
     I think also you may want to have more card drawing power. 4 Bills in
any deck is pretty much a must have nowadays. (It always was really.) 2
Professor Oaks will go along way toward helping you out too.
     One final thought before I re-draft your deck. Since this is a stalling
deck that requires some hefty card drawing, you may want to use a tactic
that has won me several games: Mr. Fuji.
      When your Chansey is about to bite it, or just about any card
especially with Hitmonlees running around out there, you can use Mr. Fuji to
put that PokeMon and ALL the attached Energys back into your deck for some
extra drawing time. A well timed Fuji can keep you from decking yourself
early on. Play around and see if it works for you.

      This is how I think your deck should look:

    3 Abras
    2 Kadabras
    2 Alakazams
    4 Gastlys (Fossil)
    2 Haunters (Fossil)
    2 Gengars
    3 Chanseys

    2 PokeMon Centers
    2 Scoop Ups
    4 PokeMon Breeders
    4 Bills
    2 Professor Oaks
    1 Computer Search
    4 Gust of Winds (I can't believe you didn't include these!)

    23 Psychic Energies

     There it is! Your diagnosis!! This, you should find, will work better
than it previously did. Like I say, these are suggestions only. The cure is
in how you apply them to your advantage.
      Bear in mind that both Muk and Aerodactyl will hurt this deck, and
they are pretty popular right now, so play wisely.

     You can send payment to my office, my secretary will use it to buy more
fish food or something. Maybe another case of Coffee-Mate..who knows?
Speaking of my secretary, where is she? This place is a mess. My diploma's
all dusty and the magazines are all crinkled up...if you want something done

       Oh well, Good luck with your new deck!!

               Dr. Crash-Landon