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Ok. My deck strategy is this: Use the Pokemon's 0 Retreat cost to switch and
slash. Notice which Pokemon you opponent is tossing up at you, and adjust to
take advantage of its weakness. Venomoth takes the Opponent's deck and uses
it against the builder. Deck comes off rather quickly in playtest =)
(This is NOT a variant of Scott's PotPourri, and is NOT a variant of the
Haymaker. It was concieved a long time ago but never brought to fruition
until now.) Your opinion/suggestions are always appreciated. Let me know what
you think.

Pokemon (16)
3 Diglett
     (considering switching this to Hitmonchan simply for the higher HP and
better attack)
2 Ponyta
3 Ratatta
2 Scyther
3 Venonat
2 Venomoth

Trainers (19)
4 Bill
2 Oak
3 Energy Removal
3 Super ER
3 Gust of Wind
4 Mr. Fuji

Energy (25)
7 Fire
7 Fighting
7 Grass
Ahh, the old Veno deck.  People have been trying to find ways to abuse
Venomoth for months, but many have failed.  It is hard to build a Veno deck
that covers most of the colors, because it is hard to find the right
pokemon to throw in.
   This deck seems decent, but way to centered on Venomoth.  You get to
cover 3 colors for weaknesses, and you get to block a fourth with Rattata.
This is a decent idea, but from my experience, it just won't work.  I'm
sorry to say that, but it just won't.
   There are ways to change this, though.  The first thing that pops into
my mind is changing out Ratatta.  I would take out the Ratatta and chagne
them to Ditto.  This may seem stupid at first, but its a great idea.  Ditto
just adds so much strategy, that it is hard to go without him.  He can put
up a good fight with any pokemon, since he becomes a copy of them.  He will
be a great addition to the deck, and might even distract your opp. from the
real purpose of the deck, Venomoth.
   I would also go with the changing of the Digletts to Hitmonchan.
Electric is already weak to fighting, and the overall speed will help you.
   There's not much else I can add to the deck.  I want to add traders, but
there isn't anything that I really want to take out to open card slots.  If
you find something you don't need, then I would definately add the traders.

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